Marketing Yourself on the Web, in order written

Yourself on the Web: If Your Don’t Market Yourself on the Web, Then Who Will?

Marketing Yourself on the Web: Be Your Own Marketing Manager

Yourself on the Web: Partner with Google

Yourself on the Web: Give the Gift of a Name

Marketing Yourself on
the Internet: Overview

Marketing Yourself on the Web

, in suggested order for a presentation

Announcing a new
LinkedIn Group: Class of 2009

Yourself on the Web: If Your Don’t Market Yourself on the Web, Then Who Will?

Marketing Yourself on the Web: Be Your Own Marketing Manager

Yourself on the Web: Partner with Google

Yourself on the Web: Give the Gift of a Name

Marketing Yourself on
the Internet: Overview

Uncategorized not categoried. Most of these posts are about open-source and/or education

Hopes dashed by the WordPress Dashboard

Me Tube

Security Through Obscurity

“I’m by myself.”

Release 2: open-source-volunteers

Becoming an Open-Source Project

Full Public View

The Future is Now

Bookstore: Producing Open Source Software

A. J. Liebling: “Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.”

Project Status

Linus: stick to coding, Patrick is at the helm

About Our Project

Woods Adjusting to His New Role: Helping Rookies

Who should be the Pirate of the Caribbean? Linus Torvalds? Johny Depp? Russell Crowe?

Happy Birthday alphaWorks!

wayward-word-press-announce: The Wayward Internet Technologists, the TWITs

Some are born TWIT’s, some achieve TWITness, and some have TWITness thrust upon ‘em

The Software Development Model BLOAT: Bug Limitation through Optimised Audience Targeting

Take No Unfair Advantage

“No innovation matters more than that which saves lives.”

Summary of recent comments from our readers

‘I learn by writing’

James Governor: would you like to join us for a RedMonk Radio podcast about Linux and STG?

We TWITers are about to go where no twit has gone before

Michael O’Connell: More on alphaWorks Services (news reports, blogs…)

On Golf: Byron Nelson, “A Great Player, and a Nice Man”

On golf: A day on the links away from the links

Philippines clears up after storm

TWIT alert: Tracey Ullman joins the team

The Wayward Word Press License – Make use of my writing here as you wish

E-mail considered harmful

TWWP Blog Stat Milestone: 1028 Total Views, 140 Best Day Ever

David Shields Hello Steve O’Grady : re Run! It’s a Standard

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Why censor him?

How do we communicate? We need a protocol. Yes, the open-TWIT protocol

Dave Shields HELLO Steve O’Grady

October 2006

e-mail take 2: You get to e-mail; I don’t

Good news, bad news. Winston Churchill, Richard Nixon.

It is better to light just one little LAMP … Please, please, help Sahana

From our readers: On the recent comments of Coar, O’Grady

Apache: The “gold standard” for open-source … and pretty as a picture to boot

Jikes Archives

From our readers: Currion, da Silva, Sears

What’s in a name? Everything! From Jikes to open-source-twit

New from Google: Code and Literacy

R. W. Apple Jr., Globe-Trotter for The Times and a Journalist in Full, Dies at 71

Geekspeak and TLA’s

On Baseball: Steve O’Grady, David Brooks, A. Bartlett Giamatti, Red Smith, Lou Gehrig, et. al

This Blog is licensed under the Apache License 2.0

New Blog:

Norman Salsitz, 86, Author Who Survived the Holocaust, Dies

Having a bash bashing Microsoft: Shell game? or Shell game

The Emergency Capacity Building Project IT Requirements Publications

Where did copyrights and patents come from?

“Hello World” through the ages

“Hello World” and programming

“Hello World” and Twit-messaging

Dave Shields HELLO Tom Friedman

On Steve O’Grady’s post: “Where to Innovate? Let Others Make the Call”

On child’s play on the Internet: Tag, you’re it! Don’t hide, so others can seek.

Which side of the firewall are you on? If you are on the inside then you are on the wrong side.

Gplv3 posts dropped

Gentlemen, start my engine?

The Speedway-based track to non-obscurity

TWWP Puzzler #1: Four one-dollar bills.

TTWP Puzzler #1: Solution

E. Fred Garel, Jr. May his memory be a blessing

Ethical Culture Society

To Protect and Serve: Iraq, flashing red lights, seat belts

On “email take 2″ — Moscow Take 3

Unbreakable Linux: a hat-trick for open-source

Untracking the TrackingTomFriedman blog

Thomas Friedman Islam and the Pope

Thomas Friedman: Smart Guy #5

Thomas L. Friedman: Anyone, Anything, Anywhere

Thomas Friedman Fill ‘Er Up with Dictators

Thomas L. Friedman: If I Had One Wish

Thomas L Friedman Big Ideas and No Boundaries

Tom Friedman Effect


November 2006

Happy Halloween!

Thomas L Friedman: The Taxi Driver

Halloween+1: Deflating the pumpkin

Welcome back Thomas Friedman: Smart Guy #5

IBM Bloggers

On the escape velocity from obscurity

Thomas L Friedman: Insulting Our Troops, and Our Intelligence

2 Giants in a Deal Over Linux


IBM Open Source Portal

The Word-Press Project

A WordPress Magical Moment

Thanks Steve O’Grady. Thanks Redmonk.

Word-press project initial status report

Falling leaves, covering ground

The word-press project puzzler #1

A musical magic moment

In Memory of Academician A. P. Ershov

Ernestine Gilbreth Carey, 98, Author of Childhood Memoir

On designing software: DUD, RERO and BLOAT

On blog posting: DUD? RERO? or BLOAT?

On Journalism: Blogging, open-source, the internet, John von Neumann

On Blogging: Wikipedia is your friend

On blogging: The newspaper is your friend

In twenty-five words or less

On blogging: Sometimes the details don’t matter

On mathematics and programming: Donald E. Knuth

On Mathematics: Binary Search

More on binary search

On programming: Bugs

Election Day Celebration: Christian, Jew, and Muslim

Thomas L. Friedman – Tolerable or Awful: The Roads Left in Iraq

An unholy alliance of Christian, Jew, Muslim

Web Success On the Cheap

TWWP Jeopardy puzzler: sequoia?

Open-Source: Music to my ears

Thomas L Friedman – China: Scapegoat or Sputnik

Open-source is sexy

Announcing Open-source Java: What if?

S. Lane Faison Jr., 98, Dies; Art Historian and Professor

Business: Thomas L. Friedman: Bring in the Green Cat

Noam Chomsky to Thomas L. Friedman: Bring in the Green Cat? How? Colorlessly! Sleepily!

TWWP goes to the movies: “Bond, James Bond.”

Education: Thomas L Friedman – China: Scapegoat or Sputnik

What if? What Not?

Thomas L Friedman – The Green Leap Forward

“The Game” 2006: Yale 34, Harvard 13. Je-Sux! Harvard Sucks

Summary of recent comments from our readers, 9/28/2006 – 11/18/2006

Bond Sucks, Tux Sux: Linux Hacks Nix Bond Flix

Make or Buy?

Make my day

On the origins of the phrase “Open Source Volunteers”

The Sky is Falling

Make or buy? Home, sweet home

An authoritative opinion on the accuracy of the Holocaust movie Fateless

DUDley Snideley on Software – shutdown shot down

On Ferrara Cafe

Leigh Anne Tuohy – “God gives people money to see how you’re going to handle it”

Make or buy? Home, sweet home — on the web

What if? What not? On the importance of community

Brother, can you spare a dime?

A short course in open-source and corporate communications

Licensing and Policy Summit for Software Sharing in Higher Education: Trip Report

What if? What not? Testing … testing … testing

Open-source has grown up. Shouldn’t we?

We license your departure — The TWIT License

December 2006

We license your departure — If Nancy departed early, what gave here that license? What were the conclusions that Nancy drew?

The TWIT license: Departure from the norm? What norm? Whose norm?

The TWIT license: An exceptional license

SugarCRM: Artificial Sweetener?

Herman B. Wells – On Coordination and Cooperation

Paul Courant

Yogi Yarns – On forking

Yogi Yarns – On the definition of open-source fork

Yogi Yarns – Inbound and Outbound Licenses

Yogi Yarns – Forks aren’t good or bad, they are just … forks

Yogi Yarns – Yogi hits it out of the park on Wall Street

Yogi Yarns – IBM throws in the towel

Yogi Yarns – On being lucky. First is not always best

The single most important fact about IBM

Why blog? If you don’t, who will?

Yogi Yarns — On forking and plenipotentiaries

Yogi Yarns — If you come to a fork in the road, pick it up

New Page – One Page

Some comments on commenting

Patrick Mueller – IBM’s first open-source contributor?

Keep it simple – live a default life

The Blackboard Jungle

The Patent Jungle

Attention must be paid

Eben Moglen on life in the jungle

James Kim–family man, technologist

Blackboard’s Matthew Small on life in the jungle

Moving up the long tail

Intrepid open-source

links for 2006-12-08

Links to the past

Our new dog Clifford

On blogging: The two-character guide to writing a successful blog post


The two-character guide to finding a bug in WordPress

no-account accounting 2006-12-08

Open Mozart – Ecco la marcia, andiamo

A note on musical notation

The most important WordPress command

A note on mathematical and programming notation

Programming for open-ness

The Wayward Word Coupon – Birthday Coupon

IBM in the News: OmniFind Yahoo Edition, UIMA

IBM Research in the News: IBM and Universities Plan Collaboration

A note on computer notation: hieroglyphics

Thomas L Friedman – Learning To Keep Learning

links for 2006-12-15

links for 2006-12-16

Catherine N. Pollard, 88, First Female Scoutmaster in U.S., Dies

Fadwa Hamdan – From Head Scarf to Army Cap, Making a New Life

Barbara Friedman, Chair-Elect, Board of Governors, HUC-JIR

How Suite It Isn’t: A Dearth of Female Bosses

How do you treat women?

On social networking: The Wayward Women Internet Technologists

links for 2006-12-19

Mobile Phones and Brain Shields

Yogi Yarns – “If you come to a foot in your mouth, take it out.”

A less-animated world: On the passing of Joseph Barbera and Chris Hayward

Sic transit gloria mundi

Women in Science: The Battle Moves to the Trenches

Trading Places

o-frindle education: words in a classroom

Sixth Sakai Notes – Introducing Sakai, by Anthony Whyte

Sixth Sakai Notes – Sakai Foundation Overview, by Chuck Severance

New page – Trivia

links for 2006-12-21

Sixth Sakai Notes – Institutional Elearning Using Bodington – UHI and Oxford Case Studies, by John Smith and Adam Marshall

Say it ain’t so, Sam.

Kudos to the baloon folks at WordPress

On things you lost and wish you still had

The Joys of Yiddish: Outwitting history

Sixth Sakai Notes – Licenses,CLAs, and Why They Matter – Which Way Sakai? by Chris Coppola

Sixth Sakai Notes – Workforce Training in China, by Chris Coppola

links for 2006-12-22

links for 2006-12-23

Bob Knoll: Coast to Coast In The Pursuit of Economy, The Mobil Economy Run

Toys for tots: Be a Blockhead

The New York Toy Museum

The power of powerpoint

Sixth Sakai Conference – Trip Report

Swanson Shields, soldier and educator, March 1945 letter

The New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show

Janet Shields, humorist; Sheldon McGuire, teacher

Words be nimble, words be quick, words be open, words be shtick

January 2007

Reflections on one hundred days of blogging

A not so gaping void

Blogher – where the women bloggers are

Car talk blues

March 2007:

A new way of enlisting developer support: OpenLogic

Notes on Open Standards, Open Source, and Open Innovation: Harnessing the Benefits of Openness

John W. Backus, 82, Fortran Developer, Dies

Guidelines and Report of the Licensing and Policy Summit for Software Sharing in Higher Education

April 2007:

View Bird’s Eye: John James Audubon

May 2007:

Open Technology Solutions for K-12 Education

Making book on textbooks

42, 45, 57, 65, 235, 1729, …

Steve Lambert’s Web Fight: Blocking Ads and Adding Art

The Wayward Word Press deemed one of “All The Blogs That’s Fit to Link”

On Supporting Educators: Ken Barbalace and

Computer History Museum: Preserving Snobol and Spitbol Artifacts

Ralph Griswold: “I wish I had done it myself. In the long run I always do.”

A brief history of Sahana by Sanjiva Weerawarana

Location, location, location

Chappaqua Memorial Day 2007: Staff Sgt Kyu Hyuk Chay

Postscript: Chappaqua Memorial Day 2007: Staff Sgt Kyu Hyuk Chay

June 2007:

Competing as Software Goes to Web

The Wayward Word Press: One in a Million

Plugging Plugins: On the Ignorance of Crowds

Workaround for problems configuring LeadTek Winfast TV2000 tuner for KdeTv on OpenSUSE 10.2 and Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn

August 2007:

Open Source: The Far Side of the World

You make the call

Ubuntu is a hill of beans that is worth much more than a hill of beans

Configuring Intel 845G video chipset on Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn desktop

Using the D-Link USB KVM-Switch DKVM-20 with Ubuntu 7.04

Sell support? Why not give it away for free?

Ubuntu Forums Re: How to build a PC that is 100% compatible with Ubuntu

On Buying and Building Hardware: Break a Leg with Newegg

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter – Selected links from Jan-Aug 2007

How do you access, read, write, or mount a USB flash drive in Ubuntu 7.04?

Vista set for 2008 servicing? Ubuntu is serving you now.

Live documents

Flatline: Problems teaching reading in a flat world

Some Thoughts About Our Tenure and Education’s Future

September 2007:

Katonah Museum of Art Exhibition, Children Should Be Seen: The Image of the Child in American Picture-Book Art

Posting source code in WordPress

A shallow dive into OOXML

George Washington on Standards

Microsoft Favored to Win Open Document Vote

HTML is Many Things

On reading the OOXML specification

PDF: A Portable, Persnickety, Problematic, and Proprietary Document Format

Oops! The Gray Lady missed a beat covering the OOXML beat

If you have more than one computer in your home then you have a home network

Death and Taxes and a Pound of Coffee

WordPress August Wrap-up: Game, Set, Match

Letters from Cathy Min Chay

The LDS License: License Dave Shields

The FSL License: Fun Software License

On Choosing the Title of a Blog Post

Patent Sense

Serve your time, then do the crime.

On Building, Buying, or Recycling a Computer to Run Ubuntu Linux

Building and Configuring Ubuntu Linux on the ASUS Terminator T1-C3 Intel Socket 370 VIA C3 800MHz On-board VIA CLE266 Barebone Computer

Building your own Linux Ubuntu computer using the ECS GeForce 6100SM-M motherboard

Using Tabbed Windows to Manage Your WordPress Blog

Much Pain, No Gain.

64 Beans and Counting

Cascading over the cataracts with CSS

Find the IBMer’s

What’s in a name? GNU, Linux, or GNU/Linux?

Open Office 2007

What’s in a Name? Linux, Ubuntu, Linux Ubuntu, or Ubuntu Linux?

What’s in a name? Gnubuntu or Ubuntu?

Call for Presenters –’s Open Source Pavilion

First K-12 Open Minds Conference October 9-11 2007 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Using the Kodak C300 Digital Camera on Ubuntu Linux

Quicker Flickr Uploads

How to install a specific version of Java on Ubuntu

Installing and using jUploadr to upload photos on Ubuntu Linux

On installing and configuring Sun’s Open-Source Java implementation on Ubuntu Linux

My blog is being categorized. Is yours?

Why Ubuntu? Let me count the ways

Note to my cousin Barb

Injury on the field — now to the commercial

Happy Birthday to the Linux kernel, Poodle Scout, and The Wayward Word Press

Local Boys at West Point

The Gray Lady has a new spring in her step: Times to Stop Charging for Parts of Its Web Site

Microsoft Talks About Its Problem And Then Adds To It

Java Heats Up

It’s Pirate’s Day, Matey. Don’t be fooled by it, as was I.

Installing Lotus Symphony on Windows XP

On Three Letter Acronyms (TLA’s) and IBM-Speak

Dave Shields On Package Management: Apt-Get It or For-get It

Why Ubuntu? It uses apt-get to manage packages

Marcel Marceau, Renowned Mime, Dies at 84

On Category Theory and Child’s Play: Tag, You’re It

On Being a Celebrity: Till Death Do We Part?

Dave Shields’s — Bikers, Bloggers, Writers

Using Technorati to see what people are saying about your blog, and more.

Installing Lotus Symphony on Ubuntu

On Installing Lotus Symphony, Ubuntu, Superman, and the Mole Men

Share The Data, Build A Community, Grow Your Business

What Open-Source Is All About

Suggestion to WordPress: Share More Data, Grow Your Community, Build Your Business

Tikkun Olam: Give Where Giving Is Due

Pinhead Zone, Tailspin Zone: Bill O’Reilly Felled By Foot In Mouth Disease

Peter Applebome: Soldiers’ Portraits Make the Costs of War More Visible

What Will Become of Journalism, And Journalists, In the Internet Age?

Finding The Way To A Man’s Heart

Good News, Bad News

October 2007:

Play, Play Ball, Play On

The Wayward Word Press September Wrap-up

Biker Dave Redux

Fall Days, Golden Fall Days

The Fall Days Of The Fallen And Their Survivors

Announcing the formation of The Chay Project, and an invitation to be become a co-founder of the project

Letter To The Wall Street Journal: Share The Data, Build A Community, Grow Your Business

Hurry Up Please, It’s Time: NECC Call For Proposals Closes October 3, 2007

Avoid use of jargon. “IBMers have developed a lingo all their own, but jargon confuses people”

Trust: What IBM Is All About

TWIT daveshields Joins The Twits At

Larry Magid: The Next Leap for Linux

Why Ubuntu? The NY Times Picked It To Represent Linux, And Said Good Things About It.

Philling Up In Philly With Philly Phood And Philly Phroth

Hacking Craig’s List And The New York Times

Financial Times Will Allow More Free Access to Web Site

TWWP Movin’ Out

Twit Dave Endorses Twitter

David Pogue: Laptop With a Mission Widens Its Audience

Chay Posts Moved To A New Resting Place

Wordstruck In A Sea Of Words

Linux Journal Lost South Of Calais

Open Letter to American Airlines And Its CEO

On Notes and Quotes: Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn

Linux At Your Service: The Linux Service Agreement

Having a bash bashing Microsoft, continued.

Happy Birthday Slashdot!

The Wayward Word Press Man Of The Year For 2006: Professor Brad Wheeler

The Wayward Word Press Man Of The Year for 2007: SSgt. Kyu Hyuk Chay, A Fallen Soldier

The Wayward Word Press Software Of The Year Award For 2007: WordPress

Using the tag for:shame

On Taking License With Language: Using Links To Explain Jokes, Licenses, and Pun Fun


Is Twitter starting a school?

Is This An Unusual Musical Skill?

Query To Bloggers: What Is Your Best Post? Your Best Passage?

On speling

Dr Watson: Does RMS Twitter?

Dr Watson: Who wrote Linux?

The Power of Two

Dr Watson: No Gnu’s Is Good News

Dr Watson: “Noble Scoble” To Win Nobel Prize

Dr Watson: Linux Tux, JE Sux, Harvard Sux, Microsoft Sux, Vista Sux

Dr Watson: Thomas Friedman, Smart Watson #5

If Noble Scoble and Blogger Dave Use Twitter, Shouldn’t You?

Search Views for TWWP, October 9-15, 2007

Locker Room Talk

David Brooks: A Still, Small Voice

Tag For K12 Open Minds Conference 2007: k12openminds07

The Army Honors Its Own, As Should All Of U.S.

Letter Of Thanks To David Brooks

Some Tips on Twitter from a TWIT

Leigh Anne Tuohy On The Rich and Superrich- “God gives people money to see how you’re going to handle it”

TWWP Puzzler: Name The U.S. Presidents Known To Have Made Use of The Library of Congress

On Thin Clients and Hospital Waiting Rooms

K12OpenMinds07: Trip Report

On Education, Innovation, OLPC, And Open-Source

On Giotto’s Lazarus Fresco

A Tip From Scooby-Do Via Twitter:

On Open Content: Libraries Shun Deals to Place Books on Web

Lt. Michael P. Murphy, a Fallen Soldier

Do Fallen Soldiers Twitter?

The Long March Up From Obscurity: Technorati Authority Now 40, Rank 199700

Suggestions To Novice IBM Bloggers

Virgil Starkwell Meets the Internet

Dave’s Tips On A Healthy Life Style

What Are Your Favorite Web Sites or Blogs?

Announcing The Women In Technology Project

Best Day Ever: 609 Views

Suggestion to Firefox Team: Add Copy Link As HTML

Any Wild Python Programmers Out There?

I’ve Been Grokked

Designerwear For Software

Fading Fall

A Woman in Technology: Pamela “PJ” Jones of

Thomas Friedman: Did We Do That?

The WordPress Sandbox Theme

Eben Moglen: Copyleft Capitalism, GPLv3 and the Future of Software Innovation

Open Source Divertimento K. 2007

Meet the Tuxers

Some IBM Resources on Patents and Collaboration

Golden Oldies With a New Sparkle

November 2007:

Can you explain open-source in one sentence?

Don’t forget to get your Flu Shot

The Vanished Posts

Goodnight Windows, Goodnight Mush

Ubuntu 7.10: Inflection Point or Tipping Point?

New York Botanical Garden: Kiku

SDP: Slogan Driven Projects

December 1999: Three Predictions

The Sun / Red Hat Java announcement: 2002 or 2007?

An Open-Source Experiment: Google Enters the Wireless World

Time-ly Technology

About the Luddites, and an invitation to join the project

New Life Forms in the Open-Source Ecosystem: Redmonk, Mellon Foundation, And Some Newbies

An Authoritative Opinion Comparing Security in Linux and Microsoft Windows

An Authoritative Opinion on Libraries and Authoritative Opinions

On Libraries: The Ernie Pyle Memorial Home/Library

Baby It’s Cold Outside

On Libraries: The Library of Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester

On Libraries: On Searching for the Meaning of “Sabbath Kristallnacht”

k12openminds07: I just ordered my XO Laptop. Have You?

Search Engine Terms for November 12, 2007

sdrawkcaB ssA, sdrawkcaB

Ground Zero, The Board Game

dsandroid: Dave Shields On Google’s Android Project

Thomas J. Watson Library: The Gates of Paradise”>

The Two Hundred Dollar Computer

Software cost now equals hardware cost

Annus Horribilis, Annus Mirabilis

First Memories of Reading And of Being Read To

dsandroid count now 2

On Authors: Ira Levin, of ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ Dies at 78

Shall I tell them it is only a week until Thanksgiving?

On Unexpected Authority: Recent Examples

On Volunteerism: A. F. Hawkins, Civil Rights Lawmaker, Dies at 100

Technorati Authority Now 50, Rank Now 154,301

On Authority and Rating Programmers. Making Linus Number 1

On the Authority of Librarians

Technology and the Library

Promoting Open Technologies in Libraries

Video of Eben Moglen’s Talk at IBM Research Now Available Online

dsandroid: Money and Politics in Google’s Android Project

On Claiming a Piece of the Blogosphere

Talk to CUNY Librarians: Trip Report

xo-laptop: 10 Days Left in OLPC Give One / Get One XO Laptop Program

xo-laptop: 10 Days Left in OLPC Give One / Get One XO Laptop Program

xo-laptop: Announcing Three New XO Laptop Projects

xo-laptop: The “Sign Me Up” Posts

Back In The Day: Computing in 1959, 1971

xo-laptop: Only 7 Days Left to Get Your Child an XO Laptop for XMAS

xo-laptop,xo-sahana: A historic occasion, using the XO Laptop to run Sahana

xo-laptop, xo-sahana: Only 6 Days Left to Get Your XO-for-XMAS

xo-laptop, xo-library: Cataloging the Internet/Web Using the XO Laptop

xo-laptop: Saving Lives Using the XO Laptop

xo-laptop: “ok, ok, I bought one.” My XO Ranking is now 8.

TOC: Total Ownership Cost

Video of Eben Moglen’s Talk at IBM Research Now Available Online – Ogg Format

terraputer, xo-laptop: terra plus putare gives terraputer

terraputer xo-laptop: The XO Laptop is a Terraputer

Google is Amazingly Fast

terraputer xo-laptop: Software’s Firewall, Microsoft

terraputer xo-laptop: Buy 1 Give 1 Extended Until December 31, 2007

Too Many Projects Considered Harmful

Message from The Tuxers: Think, Dave! Don’t Use Windows!

Message from The Tuxers: Think, Dave! Don’t Use Windows!

xo-laptop: Why Python?

xo-laptop: Flog your blog, use the xo-laptop tag

terraputer xo-laptop: On Being Present At The Creation Of A Big Project

thewit: The Women In Technology Project, initial posts

O’Reilly Women In Technology Series

Getting Hijacked Running Windows

xo-laptop: The Power of the XO is its Power Supply

xo-laptop: A Little Laptop With Big Ambitions But Little Power

xo-laptop: My XO Rank is now 12. What is yours?

xo-laptop xo-envy: A new computer virus, XO Envy

xo-laptop: Alarming news that my XO Ranking may be 14

Google’s Heavy Brand: Review of the Everex TC2502 Green gPC

terraputer xo-laptop: The XO Generation

xo-laptop: Some rough estimates of web awareness of the XO Laptop

xo-laptop: My Top Posts now favoring XO

xo-laptop: Tom Friedman: The Case for Illegal Mingling

xo-laptop: I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

xo-laptop: Mike Todd gets it. Will you?

terraputer xo-laptop: Minimal hardware requirements for XO-Linux and Microsoft Vista

xo-laptop xo-thinking: Time to put on our XO Thinking Caps

xo-laptop thinking-cap: On the XO Laptop and Microsoft’s OOXML Standard

Spam Blogs?

Followup from Steve Ovadia on the CUNY Librarians Presentation

Samuel Butler: All of the Animals Excepting Man Know That The Principle Business of Life is to Enjoy It

xo-laptop xo-tux: Meet XO-Tux, the newest Tuxer

Windows XP Configuration and Migration on the T60 Thinkpad

xo-ubuntu: Installing Ubuntu on the Lenovo T60 Thinkpad

xo-laptop: Targeted Donations of XO Laptops

Early orders for XO-Laptop to be delivered Dec. 14-24

xo-python: The Farmer in the Dell

XO-Laptop Hardware Summary

xo-laptop: On the Open-Sourcing of Business

OpenDS: On Being Bitten By The Hand That Once Fed You

xo-laptop xo-education: The War Against Ignorance

xo-laptop T-Shirt Design Contest

December 2008

xo-laptop The More it Snows, Nobody Knows, How Cold Dave’s Toes are Growing

Join the XO-laptop XO-generation

xo-laptop xo-toys Off Target at Target

xo-laptop xo-toys Let’s play XO-Scrabble

xo-laptop Inside the Beltway

xo-laptop Impressing Your Friends

xo-laptop Nelson Minar, Thanks

xo-laptop xo-python The Most Important Programmers in the World

xo-laptop An Authoritative Opinion by an Expert on Authoritative Opinions on How to Outwit Google

I’m Now the #2 Dave Shields On the Web

xo-laptop xo-python On Sun and the Tragedy of Java

The GOTOXO Project

OpenDS Exegesis Ecclesiastes 5:13

Am I about to become a source of authoritative opinions on Ecclesiastes 5:13 ?

Pvt. Isaac T Cortez: From the Bronx to Iraq to a Return Home, Too Soon

rsyncing the planet

The Most Idiotic Post Yet Written About the XO Laptop

Bad Things Happen Can Happen With Good Software

I just ordered a hat. Why? What kind? What color?

On Volunteerism: Cast thy bread upon the waters for thou shalt find it after many days

Opportunity knocks, but you have to open the door

Red Hat Shopper’s Guide Gets It Right

On OpenDS: Time for Sun to make a call

OpenDS: Observations from an open-source project maintainer/screwup

Building your own Linux Fedora computer using the ECS GeForce 6100SM-Motherboard

Our Stories Project

XO Business Opportunities: Market Share, Servers

If there were a Nobel Prize in braggadocio, who would win it?

Two XO’s for XMAS for Sahana

Programming as applied mathematics

On Von Neumann’s First Program

Searching for David Shields who served with 1st Marine Division, Mike Co. in 1968-1969

Taking your XO blog to new places

Inexorable Logic: The XO Laptop and the Sahana Project

A Green Box For Learning

On the shortest Python program

Technorati Considered Harmful

Technorati Considered Harmful

House and Senate Slash Science Budget Increases

Do You Have To Prove It Works?

Alan Turing’s Definition of a Computing Machine

Laughable Links

On Philately Shock Block: On the power of a single individual and the power of computer simulation

On the Apple Imac: It’s a Unix system. I know this!

k12openminds07: Donating an XO to the Navajo People

Tithing XO Laptops

The Great Unanswered Questions about the XO Laptop

An apology about Apple’s Imac from screwup Dave Shields

AWS-ome Amazon XO Opportunity

The Tuxers and Dave welcome the XO-1 to the Shields Family

How do you turn off the OLPC XO Laptop wireless feature

XO in Venice

Crunch Time

Blogging Geek to Geek

Ex 2007, Oh 2008

January 2008

2007: The Miserable Pundit in Review

XO Axiom #1: The XO Laptop is a general-purpose Linux computer with builtin network access capabilities

XO Axiom #3: Open-source is all about fun

Putting your XO on the Web

Comparison of /bin and /usr/bin content for XO and Fedora Core

An XO Two-Pack Life Support System

Using SSH to access your XO Laptop

Ready, AIM, Debug

Going, Going, Gone?


Sweet Dreams

On Sahana and the XO Laptop

Hillary House Hunting

Comparing the OLPC XO Laptop and Intel’s Classmate PC

Intel Quits

An authoritative opinion on the XO Laptop by Jennifer Shields

XO-Python: Where Are the Software Engineers of Tomorrow?

Linus Torvalds: “Linux is Just Fun”

Opera on the OLPC XO Laptop

XO Weekend

On the death of the client/server computer model

February 2009

Happy Birthday to The Wayward Word Press

On “Farewell World” and Programming

IBM, Farewell. Farewell, IBM.

Hello World: (OSSC)

The IBM Jargon Dictionary

Kenken Solver in Python

The fastest, smallest Ubuntu Linux antivirus scanner

March 2009

Is there a computer program to solve Kenken puzzles in Python for Ubuntu Linux?

What the Blank is Wrong at the Chappaqua Library?

Jacob “Jack” Schwartz Dies at 79

John Markoff of the New York Times to Write the Obituary for Jack Schwartz

Jack Schwartz: Work is a Signed Quantity

Announcing a new Facebook Group: NYC Grad Students with a NYC Taxicab License

Starting the day with Ubuntu 8.10 Linux

Jacob T. Schwartz, 79, Restless Scientist, Dies

How to own a piece of the web, for free

Ilya Piatetski-Shapiro, Math Theorist Who Clashed With Soviets, Dies at 79

On John Forbes Nash, Jr., Jack Schwartz, and the Nash/Schwartz Embedding Theorem

How to Disable the WordPress “Possibly Related Posts” Feature

On WordPress: Autosave

Headline from daveshields: Dave Shields is Featured in a Front Page Story in the New York Times

Jack Schwartz: Over the course of a career you can hope for at most a handful of opportunities, and perhaps only one, to be present at the creation of a project that will have real impact.

Comments on Jack Schwartz by his sister, Judith Dunford

The Open Source Community, the Worldwide Academy of Programming, Does Not Discriminate

LinkedIn Group IBM Class of 2009 (Revised)

DSAT: The Dave Shields Achievement Test

DSAT Technology Test 1900-1950

DSAT Technology Test 1900-1950 (Answers)

DSAT Technology Test 1950-2000

DSAT Technology Test 1950-2000 (Answers)

DSAT Technology Test 2000-2050

DSAT Technology Test 2000-2050 (Answers)

More Comments on Jack Schwartz from His Family, Friends, and Colleagues

A Comment on Ilya Piatetski-Shapiro by His Son, Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro

On the Importance of LinkedIn: Example I

LinkedIn: The MOST IMPORTANT NETWORKING SITE The Restored Eye A Website Devoted to High-falutin Intellectual issues, and other Fun Things by Jacob T. Schwartz

Jerry Kolosky: To not be on LinkedIn with a good network in place is as dumb as telling someone, “I don’t have an e-mail account,” or “I don’t have a phone.”

Jikes Project to Partner with Google

Twitter is a Partner with TinyURL

Jikes Project Application to be a Mentor in the Google Summer of Code 2009: Jikes Summer Camp, Jack’s Summer Camp, Jack Schwartz Camp

On JTS Programs: Coding in Honor of Jacob T “Jack” Schwartz

To use SourceForge is to Launch a Denial of Service Attack on it

cp /dev/null jts; chmod + x jts

Tips from daveshields: If you have a valuable asset, then you need an expert to manage it for you. If you think you haven’t hired an expert, then you already have — you. If you don’t think you are qualified, then fire yourself and hire someone better.

Google Optimization

Goggle says DaveShields is THE World’s Greatest Authority

DOS: Denial of Service

ww3: World War III

ww3: World War III

ww4: World War IV

Why Google is the Most Important Company in the World

DaveShields and the Tuxer’s Celebrate Spring 2009

Opera is THE BEST BROWSER for Ubuntu 8.10 Linux

Why Being Open is Almost Always Better Than Being Closed

Dave Shields, daveshields, Resume (18 March 2009)

Draft Trip Report, 19 January 2008

David Shields, daveshields, is looking for a job

Matt Mullenweg at WordPress: You Have a Problem

Opera for Ubuntu 8.10 Linux is Much Better If You Use Widgets

Announcing a new blog: Jacob T “Jack” Schwartz – Tales and Stories

Why IBM Should Buy Sun

The Emptying of Lot Hawthorne One

On the Meeting of the Business School Deans in a Closed Room

The Gift of a Name

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