Shall I tell them it is only a week until Thanksgiving?

My most recent post, On Authors: Ira Levin, of ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ Dies at 78, makes mention of a stroll I took in Central Part thirty two years ago.

Some of the indigenous residents of the woods that are adjacent to my office on the back porch strolled by early this morning:

Turkeys obscured by screen
Strolling turkeys obscured by screen

There are about six turkeys in this photo. As soon as I saw them, I went downstairs to retrieve my camera and silently made my way on to my back porch office. Unfortunately, the camera flash went off and the light reflecting from the screen thus obscured the view of the turkeys, the closest of which was just a few feet on the other side of the screen.

This is the most turkeys I have seen at one time on our property. At first I saw just five, but then two more flew down off the porch roof to join the others, so I can vouch that turkeys can fly.

The best local seafood store is Mt. Kisco Seafood. They feature a daily trivia contest, and one of the recent questions was, “What animal is used by gas companies in Arizona and California to detect gas leaks?”

I didn’t get it, but I expect you have already guessed the answer: Turkeys! I didn’t know turkeys had such a keen sense of smell.

One of my Tuxers pointed out there was also a deer lurking nearby in the woods:

Tuxer looking at visiting deer
Tuxer saying hello to visiting deer.

The deer was similarly obscured, though you may be able to find it just to the left of the post (I can’t.)

I let our poodle Scout for a walk a few minutes later, and led him to where the turkeys had been strolling, knowing he would sieze on their smell:

Tuxer watching Scout sniffing where the turkeys strolled
Tuxer watching Scout sniffing

Scout sniffing where the Turkeys strolled
Scout sniffing where the Turkeys strolled

The Tuxer also noticed a mushroom was trying to make its way on to the porch:

Tuxer investigating porch intruder
Tuxer investigating porch intruder

Smart animals, those Tuxers. Like myself, they are always looking for new life forms in the neighborhood.

I thought of warning the turkeys that Thanksgiving was only a week away, so they should be cautious on their travels. Then I realized the discharge of firearms is forbidden in Westchester County; only hunting using a bow and arrow is allowed.

So they can enjoy their strolls about the neighborhood in safety, confident that the only shots that will come there way will be from a camera.

Would that Americans in Iraq were so fortunate.

PS: Dsandroid count is now four.

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