Bond Sucks, Tux Sux: Linux Hacks Nix Bond Flix

Today’s Variety features happy open-source news. A front-page story, B.O. swept off its ‘Feet’ – Penguins share close dance with Bond, reports that the movie Happy Feet, an animated movie about penguins, had a boffo weekend at the book office, taking in $42.3M, while the new James Bond movie Casino Royale made only $40.6M.

Here’s a picture of Tux celebrating:

Sexy penguin admiring Jikes collage

I must admit I was taken aback by this news, even though I recently informed my readers that Open-source is sexy. I mentioned this in part when I wrote my post TWWP goes to the movies: “Bond, James Bond.”, but I forgot to realize there was a new Penguin on the scene, on the silver screen.

I’m not the only once to miss this call. Variety’s lead is quite timid and shows they haven’t yet fully appreciated the impact of open-source on the movie industry. One might even say that Variety, a model of clear and concise writing laid an egg on this story. Variety is the source of the phrase “Show biz” as well as two very famous headlines:

Hix Nix Stix Pix: a story reporting that rural citizens weren’t going to see movies made in a rural setting. See Viva Variety .

Wall Street Lays an Egg: a story about the 1929 stock market crash. See Cinematic Terms: A Film-Making Glossary.

I will try to see Happy Feet, though I feel a sense of foreboding, because every movie about penguins I have even seen casts as the arch-villain the dreaded skua bird, a predator that feasts on penguin eggs.

But penguins are used to predators, even those who have first claimed that penguins cause cancer, and having then become skewered on their own petard, have recently tried a novell new approach.

There’s even a book about this, Skua and Penguin (Studies in Polar Research). The question going forth is:

Who is the predator?

But we can dance on our own happy feet as we open-source folks now know how to deal with false overtures. For example,

Bond, James Bond.

Penguin, Happy Penguin.

As a reminder to new readers, “Sucks” is a term for shame, while “Sux” is a source of pride, as discussed in “The Game” 2006: Yale 34, Harvard 13. Je-Sux! Harvard Sucks. For example,

Harvard Sucks. Bond Sucks.

Yale Sux. JE-Sux. Linux Sux. Tux Sux.

Which word to use for software-companies started by Harvard dropouts is the subject of an ongoing debate.

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  1. cabbey
    Posted November 22, 2006 at 10:32 | Permalink | Reply

    Nice to see Jen used the original masthead, not the version IBM’s communications folks made us neuter a few years back. I always liked how that simple, clean, masthead conveyed the three most important things you needed to know about the project. That it came from IBM, that it’s name was Jikes, and that it was a co-operation between two groups… and the hand shake implied that it was early in the interactions between them. A very good masthead which served us well for a long time.

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