A list of my posts with a common topic, listed in the order written, with the earliest thus the first:

Books and Libraries




Why Ubuntu? Let me count the ways

Why Ubuntu? It uses apt-get to manage packages

Why Ubuntu? The NY Times Picked It To Represent Linux, And Said Good Things About It

Ubuntu is a hill of beans that is worth much more than a hill of beans

Sell support? Why not give it away for free?

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter – Selected links from Jan-Aug 2007

You make the call

The LDS License: License Dave Shields

The FSL License: Fun Software License

64 Beans and Counting

What’s in a name? GNU, Linux, or GNU/Linux?

What’s in a Name? Linux, Ubuntu, Linux Ubuntu, or Ubuntu Linux?

Configuring Intel 845G video chipset on Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn desktop

Using the D-Link USB KVM-Switch DKVM-20 with Ubuntu 7.04

Ubuntu Forums Re: How to build a PC that is 100% compatible with Ubuntu

On Buying and Building Hardware: Break a Leg with Newegg

How do you access, read, write, or mount a USB flash drive in Ubuntu 7.04?

On Building, Buying, or Recycling a Computer to Run Ubuntu Linux

Building and Configuring Ubuntu Linux on the ASUS Terminator T1-C3 Intel Socket 370 VIA C3 800MHz On-board VIA CLE266 Barebone Computer

Building your own Linux Ubuntu computer using the ECS GeForce 6100SM-M motherboard

If you have more than one computer in your home then you have a home network

Dave Shields On Package Management: Apt-Get It or For-get It


TWIT daveshields Joins The Twits At

Twit Dave Endorses Twitter


Is Twitter starting a school?

Dr Watson: Does RMS Twitter?

The Mythical Chet Month

Dr Watson: Who wrote Linux?

Dr Watson: “Noble Scoble” To Win Nobel Prize

If Noble Scoble and Blogger Dave Use Twitter, Shouldn’t You?

ag For K12 Open Minds Conference 2007: k12openminds07

Some Tips on Twitter from a TWIT

Dr Watson

Dr Watson: Does RMS Twitter?

Dr Watson: Who wrote Linux?

Dr Watson: No Gnu’s Is Good News

Dr Watson: “Noble Scoble” To Win Nobel Prize

Dr Watson: Linux Tux, JE Sux, Harvard Sux, Microsoft Sux, Vista Sux

Dr Watson: Thomas Friedman, Smart Watson #5

Yogi Yarns

Yogi Yarns – On forking

Yogi Yarns – On the definition of open-source fork

Yogi Yarns – Inbound and Outbound Licenses

Yogi Yarns – Forks aren’t good or bad, they are just … forks

Yogi Yarns – Yogi hits it out of the park on Wall Street

Yogi Yarns – IBM throws in the towel

Yogi Yarns – On being lucky. First is not always best

Yogi Yarns — On forking and plenipotentiaries

Yogi Yarns — If you come to a fork in the road, pick it up

What If? What Not?

What if? What Not?

What if? What not? On the importance of community

What if? What not? Testing … testing … testing


IBM Bloggers

IBM Open Source Portal

Yogi Yarns – IBM throws in the towe

The single most important fact about IBM

Patrick Mueller – IBM’s first open-source contributor?

IBM in the News: OmniFind Yahoo Edition, UIMA

IBM Research in the News: IBM and Universities Plan Collaboration

Find the IBMer’s

Avoid use of jargon. “IBMers have developed a lingo all their own, but jargon confuses people”


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Why censor him?

Open Mozart – Ecco la marcia, andiamo

A note on musical notation

Open-Source: Music to my ears

A musical magic moment

“Hello World” through the ages

Religion, and my religion, Judaism

Norman Salsitz, 86, Author Who Survived the Holocaust, Dies

E. Fred Garel, Jr. May his memory be a blessing

Thomas Friedman Islam and the Pope


Fadwa Hamdan – From Head Scarf to Army Cap, Making a New Life

Barbara Friedman, Chair-Elect, Board of Governors, HUC-JIR

The Joys of Yiddish: Outwitting history


Chappaqua Memorial Day 2007: Staff Sgt Kyu Hyuk Chay

Postscript: Chappaqua Memorial Day 2007: Staff Sgt Kyu Hyuk Chay

Local Boys at West Point

Peter Applebome: Soldiers’ Portraits Make the Costs of War More Visible

The Army Honors Its Own, As Should All Of U.S.

Do Fallen Soldiers Twitter?

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