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While preparing a forthcoming post on Technorati I reviewed my previous posts that made mention of Technorati, and came across a comment I had never noticed before, posted last December. If you look at the comments for Word-press project initial status report, you will find:


Hey Jikes,
This is Bikes. Ever ride trikes? Or do you prefer hikes? Yikes, this is bizarre message is not one I likes.
Dave Shields

Whoops. I should have proofed my poem before hitting send. How did that extra “is” find it’s way into my last sentence?

Though I am sorry it took so long, let me now say, from one Dave Shields to another, “Thanks, Dave.”

David Shields's/Dave Shields writing a post about David Shields’s

I refer to the commenter Dave Shields as “Biker Dave,” though in my post I relayed some adventures from my own days when I rode a Yahama YDS2 motorcycle, the most fun vehicle I have ever owned.

Biker Dave writes about bicycling and has published several books about it. According to his web site Dave Shields — The Author’s Official Site, Dave is the “2005 Benjamin Franklin Award winner for Best New Voice in Fiction!” Congratulations, Dave! Also, note that the link of your web site to pma-online.org no longer works.

There is another David Shields who has published several books, David Shields — Author Website. I saw a copy of his novel “Heroes” in the remainder section of a bookstore many years ago (sorry to bring you the bad news, David) and bought a copy so I could put it on my bookshelf, so in a Stephen-Potter sort of way I could say when someone asked of it, “Yes, David Shields writes novels. This is the first.” [1]

I have always gone by Dave Shields, and it was because David Shields had already made claim to that name on the web that I use “daveshields” or “dave shields” to identify myself on the web.

All three Dave’s are bloggers:


1. Stephen Potter was one of the great humorists of the last century. My mother was a big admirer of his work and first exposed me to it before I turned ten. He is best known for his book “Gamesmanship,” of which Wikipedia says:

He published Gamesmanship in 1947, the first of his books that purport to teach “ploys” for manipulating one’s associates, especially making them feel inferior and thereby gaining the status of being “one-up” on them.

For example, he suggested that, when playing chess, the knight should always be moved first, followed by the casual comment, “Chigorin likes knights, as do I.”

I put this strategy to work in a meeting of our high school chess club a few years later. After a few desultory moves, I casually tipped over my king, saying, “It’s over. I see you have mate in ten moves. Congratulations.” My opponent was infuriated; I was happy the ploy had worked.

I see by his Wikipedia entry that Stephen collaborated with Joyce Grenfell, another of the great British humorists, and also an accomplished actress. I saw some of her films as a child, including “Laughter in Paradise,” “The Pickwick Papers,” “The Million Pound Note,” and “The Belles of St. Trinian’s.” Writing their names, as I have just done, brought many memories of much laughter while seeing them.

My mother worked for the theater chain in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Their nearest theater was the Lobo, just a short walk from our apartment (we didn’t have a car), and I saw many of the classic British comedies as a boy: “Lavender Hill Mob,” “Kind Hearts and Coronets,” “Passport to Pimlico,” and “The Titfield Thunderbolt,” among others. I also saw “The Man in the White Suit, ” a cautionary tale on the unforeseen consequences of technological innovation, and the source of two of the great sounds in cinema — the sound made by the machine invented by the hero of the tale (played by Alec Guiness) and one of the sexiest voices you will ever hear, that of Joan Greenwood.

I saw many movies as a child since I was able to get in for free just by signing my name. I also got to meet some wonderful people. Blanche Hatton was the manager of both the Lobo and the Hiland Theater, just a few blocks from my high school. Joe Abuzelman also managed the Hiland and later owned a Dairy Queen on Central Avenue in the Nob Hill District. My mother and I ate there often while I was attending Highland High School. Joe was fun to talk to and also made the best hamburgers I have ever had.

The best theater building was that of the Kimo, notable for its “Pueblo Deco Style.” My mother worked in the Sunshine building, where I first saw “High Noon,” and “The Man From Laramie” (much of it was filmed near Albuquerque.)


  1. Mike Bennett
    Posted December 16, 2007 at 10:20 | Permalink | Reply

    Hi, I worked for Miss Hatton from 1956 to 1964 at the Hiland and Lobo theatres. She was a wonderful person who was a positive influnce for many generations of youngsters.

    She started in Vaudvile in Lebon, IN and moved to Albuquerque in the mid twenties. In 1939 she opened the Lolo, later in 1950 the Hiland then back to the Lobo from where she retired.

  2. Posted December 16, 2007 at 16:54 | Permalink | Reply


    Thanks for your comment. It iws great to hear from someone who knew Blanche. Did you by chance work with Gene Griffith? He was a good friend back at HHS, and worked for a while at the Lobo as an usher. I recall his saying he had seen Spartacus over forty times.

    Did you know Joe Abouzleman during your days at Hiland? He was the manager for a while, then later ran a former Dairy Queen on Central Ave, just east of Nob Hill, in the early 60’s. It was there he made the best hamburgers I have ever had. His fries and shakes were pretty good, too.


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