A new way of enlisting developer support: OpenLogic

I got the following note recently. It’s from a company called OpenLogic, which is pursuing yet another way to make money with open-source, in part by providing support for a selected set of open-source projects by enlisting the services of their developers.

It is exciting to see Jikes included in the list of of 200+ open-source projects that constitutes their “certified library,” However, Jikes is also an example of a mature offering with an inactive developer community, so it’s hard to see how I could be of much help. Also, as a matter of personal choice, were I able to provide the kind of support they seek, I would do as I would for any other request for help supporting open-source — as best I could without any expectation of payment.

In any event, it will be interesting to see how this plays out…

Hi Dave,

I am contacting you because I’m looking for help supporting Jikes; we have customers who use Jikes and look to us for support. We also have an offer going on right now – we are giving iPods to the next 25 people to join once they resolve their first issue.

Let me start with a quick introduction. My name is Stormy Peters and I recently joined OpenLogic after spending 10 years working on open source at HP. At OpenLogic, we provide a combination of software and support to help enterprises manage open source projects and build their own customized open source stacks, helping to address many of the objections people have to using open source software.

We are inviting committers from leading open source projects to join the OpenLogic Expert Community. OpenLogic offers enterprises 24×7, one source of support for over 160 open source projects. We provide a first line of support – taking the calls from our enterprise customers and answering basic questions. For more complex issues (and after we’ve screened out the “read the manual” type questions), we turn to the OpenLogic Expert Community.

If you join the OpenLogic Expert Community, you will:

* get paid for each issue you resolve for your project. You can choose which issues you want to work on and you can choose to take that payment in cash or merchandise. You can even decide to direct your payment to your favorite open source organization.
* receive a $25 gift certificate to Amazon or Starbucks just for signing up. In order to become a member, you’ll need to sign our OpenLogic Expert Community agreement so that we can share confidential customer data with you. We understand reading legal agreements is not fun, so we’ve tired to keep it short and sweet — and we’ll give you a gift certificate for your trouble.
* have the opportunity to hear first hand the challenges real users encounter when using your software.

In addition, if you are one of the next 25 people to join the OpenLogic Expert Community, you will receive a iPod once you resolve your first issue.

To sign up now, go to http://www.openlogic.com/community/join. For a full list of projects we support, please see http://www.openlogic.com/products/library.php. We are also in the process of adding a number of new ones that are not yet listed on the web page.

We are committed to spreading open source by making it easy to bring open source products into the enterprise. Enterprises need 24×7, one-source support as well as an easy and confidential way to request bug fixes and enhancements from open source projects. With the OpenLogic Expert Community, OpenLogic enables enterprises to use reliable, quality open source software and helps open source software projects grow their user base and supporting communities.

Please feel free to email or call me with any questions or feedback. I’ve been a supporter of open source software for a long time and I’m looking forward to connecting the open source community with an even larger base of users.



Stormy Peters | Director of Community and Partner Programs

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  1. Posted March 19, 2007 at 22:38 | Permalink | Reply

    Yeah, they hit pretty much everyone that’s committed to jikes’ cvs. I’ve got to give them credit through, they matched up real names to email addresses, so I didn’t get any addressed to “jikesadmin”.

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    […] A new way of enlisting developer support: OpenLogic « The Wayward Word Press wherein Stormy and OpenLogic court Dave for Jikes support (tags: OpenLogic StormyPeters Jikes support opensource DaveShields) […]

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