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On Education: Letter to Robert J Stevens, CEO, Lockheed Martin tag:open-source tag:xo-laptop

Hopes dashed by the WordPress Dashboard tag:education tag:first-post tag:open-source

Me Tube tag:on-blogging tag:open-source

Security Through Obscurity tag:open-source

“I’m by myself.” tag:open-source

Release 2: open-source + volunteers = tag:open-source

Becoming an Open-Source Project tag:open-source

Full Public View tag:open-source

On Blogging. The Future is Now tag:open-source

Bookstore: Producing Open Source Software tag:open-source

A. J. Liebling: “Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.” tag:open-source

Project Status tag:open-source

On Programming. Linus: stick to coding, Patrick is at the helm tag:open-source

About Our Project tag:open-source

On Golf. Woods Adjusting to His New Role: Helping Rookies tag:open-source

Who should be the Pirate of the Caribbean? Linus Torvalds? Johny Depp? Russell Crowe? tag:open-source

On IBM. Happy Birthday alphaWorks! tag:open-source

wayward-word-press-announce: The Wayward Internet Technologists, the TWITs tag:open-source

Some are born TWIT’s, some achieve TWITness, and some have TWITness thrust upon ’em tag:open-source

On Programming: The Software Development Model BLOAT: Bug Limitation through Optimised Audience Targeting tag:open-source

Take No Unfair Advantage tag:open-source

On Sahana: “No innovation matters more than that which saves lives.” tag:open-source

On Blogging: Summary of recent comments from our readers tag:open-source

On Blogging: ‘I learn by writing’ tag:on-blogging tag:open-source

We TWITers are about to go where no twit has gone before tag:on-blogging tag:open-source

Michael O’Connell: More on alphaWorks Services (news reports, blogs…) tag:open-source

On Golf: Byron Nelson, “A Great Player, and a Nice Man” tag:open-source

On golf: A day on the links away from the links tag:open-source

On Sahana: Philippines clears up after storm tag:open-source

TWIT alert: Tracey Ullman joins the team tag:open-source

The Wayward Word Press License – Make use of my writing here as you wish tag:open-source

E-mail considered harmful tag:open-source

TWWP Blog Stat Milestone: 1028 Total Views, 140 Best Day Ever tag:open-source

David Shields Hello Steve O’Grady : re Run! It’s a Standard tag:open-source

On Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Why censor him? tag:open-source

How do we communicate? We need a protocol. Yes, the open-TWIT protocol tag:open-source

Dave Shields HELLO Steve O’Grady tag:open-source

e-mail take 2: You get to e-mail; I don’t tag:open-source

Good news, bad news. Winston Churchill, Richard Nixon. tag:open-source

It is better to light just one little LAMP … Please, please, help Sahana tag:open-source

From our readers: On the recent comments of Coar, O’Grady tag:open-source

Apache: The “gold standard” for open-source … and pretty as a picture to boot tag:open-source

Jikes Archives tag:open-source

From our readers: Currion, da Silva, Sears tag:open-source

What’s in a name? Everything! From Jikes to open-source-twit tag:open-source

New from Google: Code and Literacy tag:open-source

R. W. Apple Jr., Globe-Trotter for The Times and a Journalist in Full, Dies at 71 tag:open-source

Geekspeak and TLA’s tag:open-source

On Baseball: Steve O’Grady, David Brooks, A. Bartlett Giamatti, Red Smith, Lou Gehrig, et. al tag:open-source

This Blog is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 tag:open-source

New Blog: tag:open-source

Norman Salsitz, 86, Author Who Survived the Holocaust, Dies tag:open-source

Having a bash bashing Microsoft: Shell game? or Shell game! tag:open-source

The Emergency Capacity Building Project IT Requirements Publications tag:open-source

Where did copyrights and patents come from? tag:open-source

“Hello World” through the ages tag:open-source

“Hello World” and programming tag:open-source

“Hello World” and Twit-messaging tag:open-source

Dave Shields HELLO Tom Friedman tag:open-source

On Steve O’Grady’s post: “Where to Innovate? Let Others Make the Call” tag:open-source

On child’s play on the Internet: Tag, you’re it! Don’t hide, so others can seek. tag:open-source

Which side of the firewall are you on? If you are on the inside then you are on the wrong side. tag:open-source

Gplv3 posts dropped tag:open-source

Gentlemen, start my engine? tag:open-source

The Speedway-based track to non-obscurity tag:open-source

TWWP Puzzler #1: Four one-dollar bills. tag:open-source

TTWP Puzzler #1: Solution tag:open-source

E. Fred Garel, Jr. May his memory be a blessing tag:open-source

Ethical Culture Society tag:open-source

To Protect and Serve: Iraq, flashing red lights, seat belts tag:open-source

On “email take 2” — Moscow Take 3 tag:open-source

Unbreakable Linux: a hat-trick for open-source tag:open-source

Untracking the TrackingTomFriedman blog tag:open-source

Thomas Friedman Islam and the Pope tag:open-source

Thomas Friedman: Smart Guy #5 tag:open-source

Thomas L. Friedman: Anyone, Anything, Anywhere tag:open-source

Thomas Friedman Fill ‘Er Up with Dictators tag:open-source

Thomas L. Friedman: If I Had One Wish tag:open-source

Thomas L Friedman Big Ideas and No Boundaries tag:open-source

Tom Friedman Effect tag:open-source

Kaddish tag:open-source

Happy Halloween! tag:open-source

Thomas L Friedman: The Taxi Driver tag:open-source

Halloween+1: Deflating the pumpkin tag:open-source

Welcome back Thomas Friedman: Smart Guy #5 tag:open-source

IBM Bloggers tag:open-source

On the escape velocity from obscurity tag:open-source

Thomas L Friedman: Insulting Our Troops, and Our Intelligence tag:open-source

2 Giants in a Deal Over Linux tag:open-source

Open-Education tag:open-source

IBM Open Source Portal tag:open-source

The Word-Press Project tag:open-source

A WordPress Magical Moment tag:open-source

Thanks Steve O’Grady. Thanks Redmonk. tag:open-source

Word-press project initial status report tag:open-source

Falli tag:open-source

The word-press project puzzler #1 tag:open-source

A musical magic moment tag:open-source

In Memory of Academician A. P. Ershov tag:open-source

Ernestine Gilbreth Carey, 98, Author of Childhood Memoir tag:open-source

On designing software: DUD, RERO and BLOAT tag:open-source

On blog posting: DUD? RERO? or BLOAT? tag:open-source

On Journalism: Blogging, open-source, the internet, John von Neumann tag:open-source

On Blogging: Wikipedia is your friend tag:open-source

On blogging: The newspaper is your friend tag:open-source

In twenty-five words or less tag:open-source

On blogging: Sometimes the details don’t matter tag:open-source

On mathematics and programming: Donald E. Knuth tag:open-source

On mathematics: Binary search tag:open-source

More on binary search tag:open-source

On programming: Bugs tag:open-source

Election Day Celebration: Christian, Jew, and Muslim tag:open-source

Thomas L. Friedman – Tolerable or Awful: The Roads Left in Iraq tag:open-source

An unholy alliance of Christian, Jew, Muslim tag:open-source

Web Success On the Cheap tag:open-source

TWWP Jeopardy puzzler: sequoia? tag:open-source

Open-Source: Music to my ears tag:open-source

Thomas L Friedman – China: Scapegoat or Sputnik tag:open-source

Open-source is sexy tag:open-source

Announcing Open-source Java: What if? tag:open-source

S. Lane Faison Jr., 98, Dies; Art Historian and Professor tag:open-source

Business: Thomas L. Friedman: Bring in the Green Cat tag:open-source

Noam Chomsky to Thomas L. Friedman: Bring in the Green Cat? How? Colorlessly! Sleepily! tag:open-source

TWWP goes to the movies: “Bond, James Bond.” tag:open-source

Education: Thomas L Friedman – China: Scapegoat or Sputnik tag:open-source

What if? What Not? tag:open-source

Thomas L Friedman – The Green Leap Forward tag:open-source

“The Game” 2006: Yale 34, Harvard 13. Je-Sux! Harvard Sucks tag:open-source tag:open-source

Summary of recent comments from our readers, 9/28/2006 – 11/18/2006 tag:open-source

Bond Sucks, Tux Sux: Linux Hacks Nix Bond Flix tag:open-source

Make or Buy? tag:open-source

Make my day tag:open-source

On the origins of the phrase “Open Source Volunteers” tag:open-source

The Sky is Falling tag:open-source

Make or buy? Home, sweet home tag:open-source

An authoritative opinion on the accuracy of the Holocaust movie Fateless tag:open-source

DUDley Snideley on Software – shutdown shot down tag:open-source

On Ferrara Caffe tag:open-source

Leigh Anne Tuohy – “God gives people money to see how you’re going to handle it” tag:open-source

Make or buy? Home, sweet home — on the web tag:open-source

What if? What not? On the importance of community tag:open-source

Brother, can you spare a dime? tag:open-source

A short course in open-source and corporate communications tag:open-source

Licensing and Policy Summit for Software Sharing in Higher Education: Trip Report tag:open-source

What if? What not? Testing … testing … testing tag:open-source

Open-source has grown up. Shouldn’t we? tag:open-source

We license your departure — The TWIT License tag:open-source

We license your departure — If Nancy departed early, what gave here that license? What were the conclusions that Nancy drew? tag:open-source

The TWIT license: Departure from the norm? What norm? Whose norm? tag:open-source

The TWIT license: An exceptional license tag:open-source

SugarCRM: Artificial Sweetener? tag:open-source

Herman B. Wells – On Coordination and Cooperation tag:open-source

Paul Courant tag:open-source

Yogi Yarns – On forking tag:open-source

Yogi Yarns – On the definition of open-source fork tag:open-source

Yogi Yarns – Inbound and Outbound Licenses tag:open-source

Yogi Yarns – Forks aren’t good or bad, they are just … forks tag:open-source

Yogi Yarns – Yogi hits it out of the park on Wall Street tag:open-source

Yogi Yarns – IBM throws in the towel tag:open-source

Yogi Yarns – On being lucky. First is not always best tag:open-source

The single most important fact about IBM tag:open-source

Why blog? If you don’t, who will? tag:open-source

Yogi Yarns — On forking and plenipotentiaries tag:open-source

Yogi Yarns — If you come to a fork in the road, pick it up tag:open-source

New Page – One Page tag:open-source

Some comments on commenting tag:open-source

Patrick Mueller – IBM’s first open-source contributor? tag:open-source

Keep it simple – live a default life tag:open-source

The Blackboard Jungle tag:open-source

The Patent Jungle tag:open-source

Attention must be paid tag:open-source

Eben Moglen on life in the jungle tag:open-source

James Kim–family man, technologist tag:open-source

Blackboard’s Matthew Small on life in the jungle tag:open-source

Moving up the long tail tag:open-source

links for 2006-12-08 tag:open-source

Links to the past tag:open-source

Our new dog Clifford tag:open-source

On blogging: The two-character guide to writing a successful blog post tag:open-source

? tag:open-source

The two-character guide to finding a bug in WordPress tag:open-source

no-account accounting 2006-12-08 tag:open-source

Open Mozart – Ecco la marcia, andiamo tag:open-source

A note on musical notation tag:open-source

The most important WordPress command tag:open-source

A note on mathematical and programming notation tag:open-source

Programming for open-ness tag:open-source

links for 2006-12-14 tag:open-source

The Wayward Word Coupon – Birthday Coupon tag:open-source

IBM in the News: OmniFind Yahoo Edition, UIMA tag:open-source

IBM Research in the News: IBM and Universities Plan Collaboration tag:open-source

A note on computer notation: hieroglyphics tag:open-source

Thomas L Friedman – Learning To Keep Learning tag:open-source

links for 2006-12-15 tag:open-source

links for 2006-12-16 tag:open-source

Catherine N. Pollard, 88, First Female Scoutmaster in U.S., Dies tag:open-source

Fadwa Hamdan – From Head Scarf to Army Cap, Making a New Life tag:open-source

Barbara Friedman, Chair-Elect, Board of Governors, HUC-JIR tag:open-source

How Suite It Isn’t: A Dearth of Female Bosses tag:open-source

How do you treat women? tag:open-source

On social networking: The Wayward Women Internet Technologists tag:open-source

links for 2006-12-19 tag:open-source

Mobile Phones and Brain Shields tag:open-source

Yogi Yarns – “If you come to a foot in your mouth, take it out.” tag:open-source

A less-animated world: On the passing of Joseph Barbera and Chris Hayward tag:open-source

Sic transit gloria mundi tag:open-source

Women in Science: The Battle Moves to the Trenches tag:open-source

Trading Places tag:open-source

o-frindle education: words in a classroom tag:open-source

Sixth Sakai Notes – Introducing Sakai, by Anthony Whyte tag:open-source

Sixth Sakai Notes – Sakai Foundation Overview, by Chuck Severance tag:open-source

New page – Trivia tag:open-source

links for 2006-12-21 tag:open-source

Sixth Sakai Notes – Institutional Elearning Using Bodington – UHI and Oxford Case Studies, by John Smith and Adam Marshall tag:open-source

Say it ain’t so, Sam. tag:open-source

Kudos to the baloon folks at WordPress tag:open-source

On things you lost and wish you still had tag:open-source

The Joys of Yiddish: Outwitting history tag:open-source

Sixth Sakai Notes – Licenses,CLAs, and Why They Matter – Which Way Sakai? by Chris Coppola tag:open-source

Sixth Sakai Notes – Workforce Training in China, by Chris Coppola tag:open-source

links for 2006-12-22 tag:open-source

links for 2006-12-23 tag:open-source

Bob Knoll: Coast to Coast In The Pursuit of Economy, The Mobil Economy Run tag:open-source

Toys for tots: Be a Blockhead tag:open-source

The New York Toy Museum tag:open-source

The power of powerpoint tag:open-source

Sixth Sakai Conference – Trip Report tag:open-source

links for 2006-12-25 tag:open-source

Swanson Shields, soldier and educator, March 1945 letter tag:open-source

links for 2006-12-27 tag:open-source

The New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show tag:open-source

Janet Shields, humorist; Sheldon McGuire, teacher tag:open-source

links for 2006-12-29 tag:open-source

links for 2006-12-31 tag:open-source

Words be nimble, words be quick, words be open, words be shtick tag:open-source

Reflections on one hundred days of blogging tag:open-source

links for 2007-01-03 tag:open-source

links for 2007-01-09 tag:open-source

A not so gaping void tag:open-source

Blogher – where the women bloggers are tag:open-source

Car talk blues tag:open-source

links for 2007-01-12 tag:open-source

links for 2007-01-13 tag:open-source

links for 2007-01-17 tag:open-source

links for 2007-02-06 tag:open-source

links for 2007-02-11 tag:open-source

links for 2007-03-16 tag:open-source

A new way of enlisting developer support: OpenLogic tag:open-source

Notes on Open Standards, Open Source, and Open Innovation: Harnessing the Benefits of Openness tag:open-source

John W. Backus, 82, Fortran Developer, Dies tag:open-source

links for 2007-03-23 tag:open-source

links for 2007-03-27 tag:open-source

links for 2007-03-30 tag:open-source

Guidelines and Report of the Licensing and Policy Summit for Software Sharing in Higher Education tag:open-source

links for 2007-04-06 tag:open-source

View Bird’s Eye: John James Audubon tag:open-source

links for 2007-04-09 tag:open-source

links for 2007-04-10 tag:open-source

links for 2007-04-11 tag:open-source

Open Technology Solutions for K-12 Education tag:open-source

links for 2007-05-11 tag:open-source

links for 2007-05-12 tag:open-source

Making book on textbooks tag:open-source

links for 2007-05-14 tag:open-source

links for 2007-05-15 tag:open-source

42, 45, 57, 65, 235, 1729, … tag:open-source

Steve Lambert’s Web Fight: Blocking Ads and Adding Art tag:open-source

links for 2007-05-16 tag:open-source

Ken Barbalace On Steve Lambert’s Web Fight: Blocking Ads and Adding Art tag:open-source

The Wayward Word Press deemed one of “All The Blogs That’s Fit to Link” tag:open-source

On Supporting Educators: Ken Barbalace and tag:open-source

Computer History Museum: Preserving Snobol and Spitbol Artifacts tag:open-source

Ralph Griswold: “I wish I had done it myself. In the long run I always do.” tag:open-source

A brief history of Sahana by Sanjiva Weerawarana tag:open-source

links for 2007-05-24 tag:open-source

Location, location, location tag:open-source

links for 2007-05-25 tag:open-source

Chappaqua Memorial Day 2007: Staff Sgt Kyu Hyuk Chay tag:open-source

Postscript: Chappaqua Memorial Day 2007: Staff Sgt Kyu Hyuk Chay tag:open-source

Competing as Software Goes to Web tag:open-source

links for 2007-06-06 tag:open-source

links for 2007-06-08 tag:open-source

links for 2007-06-09 tag:open-source

links for 2007-06-11 tag:open-source

The Wayward Word Press: One in a Million tag:open-source

links for 2007-06-12 tag:open-source

Plugging Plugins: On the Ignorance of Crowds tag:open-source

links for 2007-06-14 tag:open-source

links for 2007-06-19 tag:open-source

links for 2007-06-20 tag:open-source

links for 2007-06-25 tag:open-source

links for 2007-06-26 tag:open-source

links for 2007-06-27 tag:open-source

links for 2007-06-28 tag:open-source

Workaround for problems configuring LeadTek Winfast TV2000 tuner for KdeTv on OpenSUSE 10.2 and Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn tag:open-source

links for 2007-06-29 tag:open-source

links for 2007-06-30 tag:open-source

links for 2007-07-03 tag:open-source

links for 2007-07-06 tag:open-source

links for 2007-07-11 tag:open-source

links for 2007-07-23 tag:open-source

links for 2007-08-09 tag:open-source

links for 2007-08-12 tag:open-source

links for 2007-08-14 tag:open-source

links for 2007-08-15 tag:open-source

You make the call tag:open-source

links for 2007-08-20 tag:open-source

Ubuntu is a hill of beans that is worth much more than a hill of beans tag:open-source

Configuring Intel 845G video chipset on Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn desktop tag:open-source

Using the tag:open-source

Sell support? Why not give it away for free? tag:open-source

links for 2007-08-22 tag:open-source

Ubuntu Forums Re: How to build a PC that is 100% compatible with Ubuntu tag:open-source

links for 2007-08-24 tag:open-source

On Buying and Building Hardware: Break a Leg with Newegg tag:open-source

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter – Selected links from Jan-Aug 2007 tag:open-source

links for 2007-08-29 tag:open-source

links for 2007-08-30 tag:open-source

How do you access, read, write, or mount a USB flash drive in Ubuntu 7.04? tag:open-source

Vista set for 2008 servicing? Ubuntu is serving you now. tag:open-source

links for 2007-08-31 tag:open-source

Live documents tag:open-source

Flatline: Problems teaching reading in a flat world tag:open-source

Some Thoughts About Our Tenure and Education’s Future tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-02 tag:open-source

Katonah Museum of Art Exhibition, Children Should Be Seen: The Image of the Child in American Picture-Book Art tag:open-source

Posting source code in WordPress tag:open-source

A shallow dive into OOXML tag:open-source

George Washington on Standards tag:open-source

Microsoft Favored to Win Open Document Vote tag:open-source

HTML is Many Things tag:open-source

On reading the OOXML specification tag:open-source

PDF: A Portable, Persnickety, Problematic, and Proprietary Document Format tag:open-source

Oops! The Gray Lady missed a beat covering the OOXML beat tag:open-source

If you have more than one computer in your home then you have a home network tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-05 tag:open-source

Death and Taxes and a Pound of Coffee tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-06 tag:open-source

WordPress August Wrap-up: Game, Set, Match tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-07 tag:open-source

Letters from Cathy Min Chay tag:open-source

The LDS License: License Dave Shields tag:open-source

The FSL License: Fun Software License tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-08 tag:open-source

On Choosing the Title of a Blog Post tag:open-source

Patent Sense tag:open-source

Serve your time, then do the crime. tag:open-source

On Building, Buying, or Recycling a Computer to Run Ubuntu Linux tag:open-source

Building and Configuring Ubuntu Linux on the ASUS Terminator T1-C3 Intel Socket 370 VIA C3 800MHz On-board VIA CLE266 Barebone Computer tag:open-source

Building your own Linux Ubuntu computer using the ECS GeForce 6100SM-M motherboard tag:open-source

Using Tabbed Windows to Manage Your WordPress Blog tag:open-source

Much Pain, No Gain. tag:open-source

64 Beans and Counting tag:open-source

Cascading over the cataracts with CSS tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-11 tag:open-source tag:open-source

Find the IBMer’s tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-12 tag:open-source

What’s in a name? GNU, Linux, or GNU/Linux? tag:open-source

Open Office 2007 tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-13 tag:open-source

What’s in a Name? Linux, Ubuntu, Linux Ubuntu, or Ubuntu Linux? tag:open-source

What’s in a name? Gnubuntu or Ubuntu? tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-14 tag:open-source

Call for Presenters –’s Open Source Pavilion tag:open-source

First K-12 Open Minds Conference October 9-11 2007 in Indianapolis, Indiana. tag:open-source

Using the Kodak C300 Digital Camera on Ubuntu Linux tag:open-source

Quicker Flickr Uploads tag:open-source

How to install a specific version of Java o tag:open-source

Installing and using jUploadr to upload photos on Ubuntu Linux tag:open-source

On installing and configuring Sun’s Open-Source Java implementation on Ubuntu Linux tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-15 tag:open-source

My blog is being categorized. Is yours? tag:open-source

Why Ubuntu? Let me count the ways tag:open-source

Note to my cousin Barb tag:open-source

Injury on the field — now to the commercial tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-17 tag:open-source

Happy Birthday to the Linux kernel, Poodle Scout, and The Wayward Word Press tag:open-source

Local Boys at West Point tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-18 tag:open-source

The Gray Lady has a new spring in her step: Times to Stop Charging for Parts of Its Web Site tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-19 tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-20 tag:open-source

It’s Pirate’s Day, Matey. Don’t be fooled by it, as was I. tag:open-source

Installing Lotus Symphony on Windows XP tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-21 tag:open-source

On Three Letter Acronyms (TLA’s) and IBM-Speak tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-22 tag:open-source

Dave Shields On Package Management: Apt-Get It or For-get It tag:open-source

Why Ubuntu? It uses apt-get to manage packages tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-23 tag:open-source

Marcel Marceau, Renowned Mime, Dies at 84 tag:open-source

On Category Theory and Child’s Play: Tag, You’re It tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-25 tag:open-source

On Being a Celebrity: Till Death Do We Part? tag:open-source

Dave Shields’s — Bikers, Bloggers, Writers tag:open-source

Using Technorati to see what people are saying about your blog, and more. tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-26 tag:open-source

Installing Lotus Symphony on Ubuntu tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-27 tag:open-source

Share The Data, Build A Community, Grow Your Business tag:open-source

Suggestion to WordPress: Share More Data, Grow Your Community, Build Your Business tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-28 tag:open-source

Tikkun Olam: Give Where Giving Is Due tag:open-source

Pinhead Zone, Tailspin Zone: Bill O’Reilly Felled By Foot In Mouth Disease tag:open-source

Peter Applebome: Soldiers’ Portraits Make the Costs of War More Visible tag:open-source

What Will Become of Journalism, And Journalists, In the Internet Age? tag:open-source

Finding The Way To A Man’s Heart tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-29 tag:open-source

links for 2007-09-30 tag:open-source

Good News, Bad News tag:open-source

Play, Play Ball, Play On tag:open-source

The Wayward Word Press September Wrap-up tag:open-source

Biker Dave Redux tag:open-source

Fall Days, Golden Fall Days tag:open-source

The Fall Days Of The Fallen And Their Survivors tag:open-source

Announcing the formation of The Chay Project, and an invitation to be become a co-founder of the project tag:open-source

links for 2007-10-02 tag:open-source

Letter To The Wall Street Journal: Share The Data, Build A Community, Grow Your Business tag:open-source

Hurry Up Please, It’s Time: NECC Call For Proposals Closes October 3, 2007 tag:open-source

Avoid use of jargon. “IBMers have developed a lingo all their own, but jargon confuses people” tag:open-source

links for 2007-10-03 tag:open-source

links for 2007-10-04 tag:open-source

TWIT daveshields Joins The Twits At tag:open-source

Larry Magid: The Next Leap for Linux tag:open-source

Why Ubuntu? The NY Times Picked It To Represent Linux, And Said Good Things About It. tag:open-source

Philling Up In Philly With Philly Phood And Philly Phroth tag:open-source

links for 2007-10-05 tag:open-source

Hacking Craig’s List And The New York Times tag:open-source

Financial Times Will Allow More Free Access to Web Site tag:open-source

TWWP Movin’ Out tag:open-source

Twit Dave Endorses Twitter tag:open-source

David Pogue: Laptop With a Mission Widens Its Audience tag:open-source

links for 2007-10-06 tag:open-source

Chay Posts Moved To A New Resting Place tag:open-source

Wordstruck In A Sea Of Words tag:open-source

links for 2007-10-08 tag:open-source

Linux Journal Lost South Of Calais tag:open-source

Open Letter to American Airlines And Its CEO tag:open-source

links for 2007-10-09 tag:open-source

On Notes and Quotes: Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn tag:open-source

Linux At Your Service: The Linux Service Agreement tag:open-source

Having a bash bashing Microsoft, continued. tag:open-source

Happy Birthday Slashdot! tag:open-source

The Wayward Word Press Man Of The Year For 2006: Professor Brad Wheeler tag:open-source

The Wayward Word Press Man Of The Year for 2007: SSgt. Kyu Hyuk Chay, A Fallen Soldier tag:open-source

The Wayward Word Press Software Of The Year Award For 2007: WordPress tag:open-source

links for 2007-10-10 tag:open-source

Using the tag for:shame tag:open-source

On Taking License With Language: Using Links To Explain Jokes, Licenses, and Pun Fun tag:open-source


Is Twitter starting a school? tag:open-source

Is This An Unusual Musical Skill? tag:open-source

links for 2007-10-11 tag:open-source

Query To Bloggers: What Is Your Best Post? Your Best Passage? tag:open-source

On speling tag:open-source

links for 2007-10-12 tag:open-source

links for 2007-10-13 tag:open-source

The Power of Two tag:open-source

links for 2007-10-14 tag:open-source

Dr Watson: “Noble Scoble” To Win Nobel Prize tag:open-source

Dr Watson: Linux Tux, JE Sux, Harvard Sux, Microsoft Sux, Vista Sux tag:open-source

Dr Watson: Thomas Friedman, Smart Watson #5 tag:open-source

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Topics Page tag:open-source

If Noble Scoble and Blogger Dave Use Twitter, Shouldn’t You? tag:open-source

Search Views for TWWP, October 9-15, 2007 tag:open-source

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David Brooks: A Still, Small Voice tag:open-source

Tag For K12 Open Minds Conference 2007: k12openminds07 tag:open-source

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The Army Honors Its Own, As Should We The People Of U.S. tag:open-source

Letter Of Thanks To David Brooks tag:open-source

Some Tips on Twitter from a TWIT tag:open-source

Leigh Anne Tuohy On The Rich and Superrich- “God gives people money to see how you’re going to handle it” tag:open-source

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TWWP Puzzler: Name The U.S. Presidents Known To Have Made Use of The Library of Congress tag:open-source

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On Thin Clients and Hospital Waiting Rooms tag:open-source

K12OpenMinds07: Trip Report tag:open-source

On Education, Innovation, OLPC, And Open-Source tag:open-source

On Giotto’s Lazarus Fresco tag:open-source

Spam Blogs tag:open-source

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A Tip From Scooby-Do Via Twitter: tag:open-source

On Open Content: Libraries Shun Deals to Place Books on Web tag:open-source

Lt. Michael P. Murphy, a Fallen Soldier tag:open-source

Do Fallen Soldiers Twitter? tag:open-source

Dashboard, Dashboard, On The Panel tag:open-source

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The Long March Up From Obscurity: Technorati Authority Now 40, Rank 199700 tag:open-source

Suggestions To Novice IBM Bloggers tag:open-source

Virgil Starkwell Meets the Internet tag:open-source

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Dave’s Tips On A Healthy Life Style tag:open-source

What Are Your Favorite Web Sites or Blogs? tag:open-source

Announcing The Women In Technology Project tag:open-source

Best Day Ever: 609 Views tag:open-source

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Suggestion to Firefox Team: Add Copy Link As HTML tag:open-source

Any Wild Python Programmers Out There? tag:open-source

I’ve Been Grokked tag:open-source

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Designerwear For Software tag:open-source

Fading Fall tag:open-source

A Woman in Technology: Pamela “PJ” Jones of tag:open-source

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Thomas Friedman: Did We Do That? tag:open-source

The WordPress Sandbox Theme tag:open-source

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Eben Moglen: Copyleft Capitalism, GPLv3 and the Future of Software Innovation tag:open-source

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Open Source Divertimento K. 2007 tag:open-source

Meet the Tuxers tag:open-source

Some IBM Resources on Patents and Collaboration tag:open-source

Golden Oldies With a New Sparkle tag:open-source

Can you explain open-source in one sentence? tag:open-source

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Don’t forget to get your Flu Shot tag:open-source

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The Vanished Posts tag:open-source

Cleverly-disguised announcement of new Microsoft Digital Rights Management Team tag:open-source

Goodnight Windows, Goodnight Mush tag:open-source

Ubuntu 7.10: Inflection Point or Tipping Point? tag:open-source

New York Botanical Garden: Kiku tag:open-source

SDP: Slogan Driven Projects tag:open-source

December 1999: Three Predictions tag:open-source

The Sun / Red Hat Java announcement: 2002 or 2007? tag:open-source

dsandroid: An Open-Source Experiment: Google Enters the Wireless World tag:open-source

Time-ly Technology tag:open-source

About the Luddites, and an invitation to join the project tag:open-source

New Life Forms in the Open-Source Ecosystem: Redmonk, Mellon Foundation, And Some Newbies tag:open-source

An Authoritative Opinion Comparing Security in Linux and Microsoft Windows tag:open-source

An Authoritative Opinion on Libraries and Authoritative Opinions tag:open-source

On Libraries: The Ernie Pyle Memorial Home/Library tag:open-source

Baby It’s Cold Outside tag:open-source

On Libraries: The Library of Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester tag:open-source

On Libraries: On Searching for the Meaning of “Sabbath Kristallnacht” tag:open-source

k12openminds07: I just ordered my XO Laptop. Have You? tag:open-source

Search Engine Terms for November 12, 2007 tag:open-source

sdrawkcaB ssA, sdrawkcaB tag:open-source

Ground Zero, The Board Game tag:open-source

dsandroid: Dave Shields On Google’s Android Project tag:open-source

Thomas J. Watson Library: The Gates of Paradise tag:open-source

The Two Hundred Dollar Computer tag:open-source

Software cost now equals hardware cost tag:open-source

Annus Horribilis, Annus Mirabilis tag:open-source

First Memories of Reading And of Being Read To tag:open-source

dsandroid count now 2 tag:open-source

On Authors: Ira Levin, of ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ Dies at 78 tag:open-source

Shall I tell them it is only a week until Thanksgiving? tag:open-source

On Unexpected Authority: Recent Examples tag:open-source

On Volunteerism: A. F. Hawkins, Civil Rights Lawmaker, Dies at 100 tag:open-source

Technorati Authority Now 50, Rank Now 154,301 tag:open-source

On Authority and Rating Programmers. Making Linus Number 1 tag:open-source

On the Authority of Librarians tag:open-source

Technology and the Library tag:open-source

Promoting Open Technologies in Libraries tag:open-source

Video of Eben Moglen’s Talk at IBM Research Now Available Online tag:open-source

dsandroid: Money and Politics in Google’s Android Project tag:open-source

On Claiming a Piece of the Blogosphere tag:open-source

Tagline: WordPress gave me a blog to see how I was going to handle it tag:open-source

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New Project tag:open-source

Talk to CUNY Librarians: Trip Report tag:open-source

xo-laptop: 10 Days Left in OLPC Give One / Get One XO Laptop Program tag:open-source

xo-laptop: Announcing Three New XO Laptop Projects tag:open-source

xo-laptop: The “Sign Me Up” Posts tag:open-source

Back In The Day: Computing in 1959, 1971 tag:open-source

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terraputer xo-laptop: Only 7 Days Left to Get Your Child an XO Laptop for XMAS tag:open-source

terraputer, xo-laptop xo-sahana: A historic occasion, using the XO Laptop to run Sahana tag:open-source

terraputer xo-laptop xo-sahana: Only 6 Days Left to Get Your XO Laptop for XMAS tag:open-source

terraputer xo-laptop xo-library: Cataloging the Internet/Web Using the XO Laptop tag:open-source

terraputer xo-laptop: Saving Lives Using the XO Laptop tag:open-source

terraputer xo-laptop: “ok, ok, I bought one.” My XO Ranking is now 8. tag:open-source

TOC: Total Ownership Of Cost, the Cost of Microsoft Software tag:open-source

Video of Eben Moglen’s Talk at IBM Research Now Available Online – Ogg Format tag:open-source

terraputer, xo-laptop: terra plus putare gives terraputer tag:open-source

terraputer xo-laptop: The XO Laptop is a Terraputer tag:open-source

Google is Amazingly Fast tag:open-source

terraputer xo-laptop: Software’s Firewall, Microsoft tag:open-source

terraputer xo-laptop: Buy 1 Give 1 Extended Until December 31, 2007 tag:open-source

Too Many Projects Considered Harmful tag:open-source

Message from The Tuxers: Think, Dave! Don’t Use Windows! tag:open-source

xo-laptop: Why Python? tag:open-source

xo-laptop: Flog your blog, use the xo-laptop tag tag:open-source

terraputer xo-laptop: On Being Present At The Creation Of A Big Project tag:open-source

thewit: The Women In Technology Project, initial posts tag:open-source

O’Reilly Women In Technology Series tag:open-source

Getting Hijacked Running Windows tag:open-source

xo-laptop: The Power of the XO is its Power Supply tag:open-source

xo-laptop: A Little Laptop With Big Ambitions But Little Power tag:open-source

xo-laptop: My XO Rank is now 12. What is tag:open-source

xo-laptop xo-envy: A new computer virus, XO Envy tag:open-source

xo-laptop: Alarming news that my XO Ranking may be 14 tag:open-source

Google’s Heavy Brand: Review of the Everex TC2502 Green gPC tag:open-source

terraputer xo-laptop: The XO Generation tag:open-source

xo-laptop: Some rough estimates of web awareness of the XO Laptop tag:open-source

xo-laptop: My Top Posts now favoring XO tag:open-source

xo-laptop: Tom Friedman: The Case for Illegal Mingling tag:open-source

xo-laptop: I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas tag:open-source

xo-laptop: Mike Todd gets it. Will you? tag:open-source

terraputer xo-laptop: Minimal hardware requirements for XO-Linux and Microsoft Vista tag:open-source

xo-laptop xo-thinking: Time to put on our XO Thinking Caps tag:open-source

xo-laptop thinking-cap: On the XO Laptop and Microsoft’s OOXML Standard tag:open-source

Spam Blogs? tag:open-source

Followup from Steve Ovadia on the CUNY Librarians Presentation tag:open-source

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Samuel Butler: All of the Animals Excepting Man Know That T tag:open-source

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xo-laptop xo-tux: Meet XO-Tux, the newest Tuxer tag:open-source

Windows XP Configuration and Migration on the T60 Thinkpad tag:open-source

xo-ubuntu: Installing Ubuntu on the Lenovo T60 Thinkpad tag:open-source

xo-laptop: Targeted Donations of XO Laptops tag:open-source

Early orders for XO-Laptop to be delivered Dec. 14-24 tag:open-source

xo-python: The Farmer in the Dell tag:open-source

XO-Laptop Hardware Summary tag:open-source

xo-laptop: On the Open-Sourcing of Business tag:open-source

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OpenDS: On Being Bitten By The Hand That Once Fed You tag:open-source

xo-laptop xo-education: The War Against Ignorance tag:open-source

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xo-laptop T-Shirt Design Contest tag:open-source

links for 2007-12-02 tag:open-source

xo-laptop The More it Snows, Nobody Knows, How Cold Dave’s Toes are Growing tag:open-source

Join the XO-laptop XO-generation tag:open-source

xo-laptop xo-toys Off Target at Target tag:open-source

xo-laptop xo-toys Let’s play XO-Scrabble tag:open-source

xo-laptop Inside the Beltway tag:open-source

xo-laptop Impressing Your Friends tag:open-source

xo-laptop Nelson Minar, Thanks tag:open-source

xo-laptop xo-python The Most Important Programmers in the World tag:open-source

xo-laptop An Authoritative Opinion by an Expert on Authoritative Opinions on How to Outwit Google tag:open-source

I’m Now the #2 Dave Shields On the Web tag:open-source

xo-laptop xo-python On Sun and the Tragedy of Java tag:open-source

The GOTOXO Project tag:open-source

OpenDS Exegesis Ecclesiastes 5:13 tag:open-source

Am I about to become a source of authoritative opinions on Ecclesiastes 5:13 ? tag:open-source

Pvt. Isaac T Cortez: From the Bronx to Iraq to a Return Home, Too Soon tag:open-source

rsyncing the planet tag:open-source

links for 2007-12-08 tag:open-source

The Most Idiotic Post Yet Written About the XO Laptop tag:open-source

Bad Things Happen Can Happen With Good Software tag:open-source

I just ordered a hat. Why? What kind? What color? tag:open-source

On Volunteerism: Cast thy bread upon the waters for thou shalt find it after many days tag:open-source

Opportunity knocks, but you have to open the door tag:open-source

Red Hat Shopper’s Guide Gets It Right tag:open-source

On OpenDS: Time for Sun to make a call tag:open-source

OpenDS: Observations from an open-source project maintainer/screwup tag:open-source

Building your own Linux Fedora computer using the ECS GeForce 6100SM-Motherboard tag:open-source

Our Stories Project tag:open-source

XO Business Opportunities: Market Share, Servers tag:open-source

If there were a Nobel Prize in braggadocio, who would win it? tag:open-source

Two XO’s for XMAS for Sahana tag:open-source

Programming as applied mathematics tag:open-source

On Von Neumann’s First Program tag:open-source

Searching for David Shields who served with 1st Marine Division, Mike Co. in 1968-1969 tag:open-source

Taking your XO blog to new places tag:open-source

Inexorable Logic: The XO Laptop and the Sahana Project tag:open-source

A Green Box For Learning tag:open-source

On the shortest Python program tag:open-source

Technorati Considered Harmful tag:open-source

House and Senate Slash Science Budget Increases tag:open-source

Do You Have To Prove It Works? tag:open-source

Alan Turing’s Definition of a Computing Machine tag:open-source

Laughable Links tag:open-source

On Philately tag:open-source

Shock Block: On the power of a single individual and the power of computer simulation tag:open-source

On the Apple Imac: It’s a Unix system. I know this! tag:open-source

k12openminds07: Donating an XO to the Navajo People tag:open-source

Tithing XO Laptops tag:open-source

The Great Unanswered Questions about the XO Laptop tag:open-source

An apology about Apple’s Imac from screwup Dave Shields tag:open-source

AWS-ome Amazon XO Opportunity tag:open-source

The Tuxers and Dave welcome the XO-1 to the Shields Family tag:open-source

How do you turn off the OLPC XO Laptop wireless feature tag:open-source

XO in Venice tag:open-source

Crunch Time tag:open-source

Blogging Geek to Geek tag:open-source

Ex 2007, Oh 2008 tag:open-source

2007: The Miserable Pundit in Review tag:open-source

XO Axiom #1: The XO Laptop is a general-purpose Linux computer with builtin network access capabilities tag:open-source

XO Axiom #3: Open-source is all about fun tag:open-source

Putting your XO on the Web tag:open-source

Comparison of /bin and /usr/bin content for XO and Fedora Core tag:open-source

An XO Two-Pack Life Support System tag:open-source

Using SSH to access your XO Laptop tag:open-source

Ready, AIM, Debug tag:open-source

Going, Going, Gone? tag:open-source

iXOdroid tag:open-source

links for 2008-01-03 tag:open-source

Sweet Dreams tag:open-source

On Sahana and the XO Laptop tag:open-source

links for 2008-01-04 tag:open-source

Hillary House Hunting tag:open-source

Comparing the OLPC XO Laptop and Intel’s Classmate PC tag:open-source

Intel Quits tag:open-source

An authoritative opinion on the XO Laptop by Jennifer Shields tag:open-source

links for 2008-01-08 tag:open-source

XO-Python: Where Are the Software Engineers of Tomorrow? tag:open-source

Linus Torvalds: “Linux is Just Fun” tag:open-source

Building your own Linux Fedora computer using the ECS GeForce 6100SM-M motherboard tag:open-source

Opera on the OLPC XO Laptop tag:open-source

links for 2008-01-09 tag:open-source

links for 2008-01-12 tag:open-source

links for 2008-01-15 tag:open-source

links for 2008-01-17 tag:open-source

XO Weekend tag:open-source

On the death of the client/server computer model tag:open-source

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links for 2008-01-20 tag:open-source

links for 2008-01-23 tag:open-source

links for 2008-01-24 tag:open-source

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links for 2008-01-31 tag:open-source

links for 2008-02-06 tag:open-source

links for 2009-02-19 tag:open-source

links for 2009-02-25 tag:open-source

Happy Birthday to The Wayward Word Press tag:open-source

On “Farewell World” and Programming tag:open-source

IBM, Farewell. Farewell, IBM. tag:open-source

Hello World: (OSSC) tag:open-source

The IBM Jargon Dictionary tag:open-source

Kenken Solver in Python tag:open-source

The fastest, smallest Ubuntu Linux antivirus scanner tag:open-source

Is there a computer program to solve Kenken puzzles in Python for Ubuntu Linux? tag:open-source

What the Blank is Wrong at the Chappaqua Library? tag:open-source

links for 2009-03-02 tag:open-source

Jacob “Jack” Schwartz Dies at 79 tag:open-source

John Markoff of the New York Times to Write the Obituary for Jack Schwartz tag:open-source

Jack Schwartz: Work is a Signed Quantity tag:open-source

Announcing a new Facebook Group: NYC Grad Students with a NYC Taxicab License tag:open-source

links for 2009-03-03 tag:open-source

Starting the day with Ubuntu 8.10 Linux tag:open-source

Jacob T. Schwartz, 79, Restless Scientist, Dies tag:open-source

links for 2009-03-04 tag:open-source

How to own a piece of the web, for free tag:open-source

Ilya Piatetski-Shapiro, Math Theorist Who Clashed With Soviets, Dies at 79 tag:open-source

On John Forbes Nash, Jr., Jack Schwartz, and the Nash/Schwartz Embedding Theorem tag:open-source

links for 2009-03-05 tag:open-source

How to Disable the WordPress “Possibly Related Posts” Feature tag:open-source

On WordPress: Autosave tag:open-source

Headline from daveshields: Dave Shields is Featured in a Front Page Story in the New York Times tag:open-source

Jack Schwartz: Over the course of a career you can hope for at most a handful of opportunities, and perhaps only one, to be present at the creation of a project that will have real impact. tag:open-source

Announcing a new LinkedIn Group: IBM Class of 2009 (Revised 9 Mar 2009) tag:open-source

Comments on Jack Schwartz by his sister, Judith Dunford tag:open-source

links for 2009-03-08 tag:open-source

The Open Source Community, the Worldwide Academy of Programming, Does Not Discriminate tag:open-source

LinkedIn Group IBM Class of 2009 (Revised) tag:open-source

links for 2009-03-09 tag:open-source

Marketing Yourself on the Internet: Overview tag:open-source

Announcing a new LinkedIn Group: Class of 2009 tag:open-source

links for 2009-03-10 tag:open-source

DSAT: The Dave Shields Achievement Test tag:open-source

DSAT Technology Test 1900-1950 tag:open-source

DSAT Technology Test 1900-1950 (Answers) tag:open-source

DSAT Technology Test 1950-2000 tag:open-source

DSAT Technology Test 1950-2000 (Answers) tag:open-source

DSAT Technology Test 2000-2050 tag:open-source

DSAT Technology Test 2000-2050 (Answers) tag:open-source

DSAT Dave’s Job Hunt, 11 March 2009 tag:open-source

DSAT Dave’s Job Hunt, 11 March 2009 (Answers) tag:open-source

More Comments on Jack Schwartz from His Family, Friends, and Colleagues tag:open-source

A Comment on Ilya Piatetski-Shapiro by His Son, Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro tag:open-source

On the Importance of LinkedIn: Example I tag:open-source

LinkedIn: The MOST IMPORTANT NETWORKING SITE tag:open-source The Restored Eye A Website Devoted to High-falutin Intellectual issues, and other Fun Things by Jacob T. Schwartz tag:open-source

Jerry Kolosky: To not be on LinkedIn with a good network in place is as dumb as telling someone, “I don’t have an e-mail account,” or “I don’t have a phone.” tag:open-source

links for 2009-03-12 tag:open-source

Jikes Project to Partner with Google tag:open-source

Twitter is a Partner with TinyURL tag:open-source

Jikes Project Application to be a Mentor in the Google Summer of Code 2009: Jikes Summer Camp, Jack’s Summer Camp, Jack Schwartz Camp tag:open-source

On JTS Programs: Coding in Honor of Jacob T “Jack” Schwartz tag:open-source

To use SourceForge is to Launch a Denial of Service Attack on it tag:open-source

cp /dev/null jts; chmod + x jts tag:open-source

links for 2009-03-14 tag:open-source

links for 2009-03-15 tag:open-source

Marketing Yourself on the Web: If Your Don’t Market Yourself on the Web, Then Who Will? tag:open-source

Marketing Yourself on the Web: Use Plaxo tag:open-source

Tips from daveshields: If you have a valuable asset, then you need an expert to manage it for you. If you think you haven’t hired an expert, then you already have — you. If you don’t think you are qualified, then fire yourself and hire someone better. tag:open-source

Marketing Yourself on the Web: Be Your Own Marketing Manager tag:open-source

Google Optimization tag:open-source

Marketing Yourself on the Web: Partner with Google tag:open-source

Goggle says DaveShields is THE World’s Greatest Authority tag:open-source

Marketing Yourself on the Web: Write With Authority tag:open-source

DOS: Denial of Service tag:open-source

DOS: Denial of Sanity tag:open-source

On Fixing the A.I.G. Fiasco: Let’s launch a Denial of Sanity attack against A.I.G tag:open-source

ww3: World War III tag:open-source

ww4: World War IV tag:open-source

Why Google is the Most Important Company in the World tag:open-source

Why does Dave Shields Want to Work for Google tag:open-source

links for 2009-03-17 tag:open-source

DaveShields and the Tuxer’s Celebrate Spring 2009 tag:open-source

Opera is THE BEST BROWSER for Ubuntu 8.10 Linux tag:open-source tag:the-tuxers-linux-fun

Why Be tag:open-source tag:opera-browser tag:ubuntu

Dave Shields, daveshields, Resume (18 March 2009) tag:open-source

Draft Trip Report, 19 January 2008 tag:open-source

David Shields, daveshields, is looking for a job tag:open-source

Matt Mullenweg at WordPress: You Have a Problem tag:open-source

Opera for Ubuntu 8.10 Linux is Much Better If You Use Widgets tag:open-source

An Open Letter to Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google: Eric, You Have a Problem tag:open-source

Announcing a new blog: Jacob T “Jack” Schwartz – Tales and Stories tag:open-source

Why IBM Should Buy Sun tag:open-source

On the Meeting of the Business School Deans in a Closed Room tag:open-source

Marketing Yourself on the Web: Give the Gift of a Name tag:open-source

Keeping Up to Date With Ubuntu 8.10 Linux tag:open-source

On Technology: Charles Babbage and the Invention of the Cowcatcher tag:open-source

Dr. Barbara Cooper: Work to Keep Anxiety At Bay tag:open-source

The World is Flat and Small tag:open-source

The World is Flat and Small: Bruce Robinson tag:open-source

A Mathematician’s Mathematicians: Professor Herb Keller, and his Notation for QED tag:open-source

The World is Flat and Small: John Cocke and Rabbi Michael Shields tag:open-source

The World is Flat and Small: Jack Schwartz on Six Degrees of Separation tag:open-source

Jack Schwartz on String Theory tag:open-source

Jack Schwartz (L), Dave Shields, c. 1975 tag:open-source

links for 2009-03-24 tag:open-source

The World is Flat and Small: Glenn Miller and Mitchell Parrish tag:open-source

Half-cafe or Half-and-Half? tag:open-source

The World is Flat and Small: Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz tag:open-source

Dave’s FAQ: Why You Should Introduce Yourself to the Person Sitting Next to You tag:open-source

Starbucks: An Ounce of Half-Caff For Just Over a Bit tag:open-source

Letter to Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz tag:open-source

To President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: Please Honor the Memory of SSgt. Kyu Hyuk Chay tag:open-source

Tuxers Asleep tag:open-source

Tuxers Asleep tag:open-source

Tuxers Wide Eyed and Bushy Tailed tag:open-source

Proposed Program for the Celebration in Honor of Jack Schwartz, at CIMS on March 27 tag:open-source

The Mathematical Ancestors of Jack Schwartz tag:open-source

A Mathematician’s Apology on the Anonymity of Mathematicians John von Neumann and Jack Schwartz tag:open-source

Ralph Griswold on Getting Things Done: I Wish I Had Done It Myself. In The Long Run I Always Do. tag:open-source

Use digikam to manage your photos for Ubuntu 8.10 Linux tag:open-source

The “sucks” test tag:open-source

A Gift of a Name: Jennifer Trelewicz, Michael Schwartzman tag:open-source

Announcing the Jacob T. “Jack” Schwartz Memorial Library tag:open-source

Dave Shields’s New Job: Under Assistant East Coast Library Man at the Jacob T. Schwartz Memorial Library tag:open-source

The Best Tweet I Have Ever Seen tag:open-source

My Reply To Sandy Carter’s Great Tweet tag:open-source

Some are born Twitters, some achieve Twitness, and some have Twitness thrust upon them tag:open-source

An authoritative opinion that Lorgaine v. Merkel is not an opinion as authoritative as some would have it tag:open-source

Seeking loan of volumes 1-3 of Dunford and Schwartz tag:open-source

Announcing the jtsetl Project tag:open-source

How to Honor the Memory and Celebrate the Memory of Jack Schwartz by Using LinkedIn tag:open-source

On Cloud Standards Breakthrough: New Cloud Source License tag:open-source

Mt. Kisco Athletic Club (MAC) Presentation: How to Market Yourself on the Web tag:open-source

Using LinkedIn to Say Thank You tag:open-source

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served at Lotus in Cambridge tag:open-source

Ruby Derailed tag:open-source

A Simple SETL Compiler Both Based On Python and Written in Python tag:open-source

links for 2009-04-01 tag:open-source

Sunrise, Fox Lane HS, Mt. Kisco, New York, April 1, 2009 tag:open-source

On Entropy tag:open-source

A Unicomp Keyboard is THE Best Keyboard I Have Used in the Last Decade. tag:open-source

IBM Buying Sun Would Be Great News For Linux, Java, and Open Office tag:open-source

Protect and Serve tag:open-source

Ask For The Gift Of A Name tag:open-source

How to Build Your Own SETL Ubuntu 8.10 Linux Desktop Computer for About $250 tag:open-source

On the Difficulty of Building a SETL Compiler From Scratch tag:open-source

Python is a subset of SETL. SETL is an extension of Python tag:open-source

On the Fate of Solaris tag:open-source

A Programmer’s Programmer: Philippe Charles tag:open-source

On Silicon Graphics: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi tag:open-source

On Sun Microsystems: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi tag:open-source

On Sun Microsystems: A Graph is Worth a Thousand Words tag:open-source

Marketing Yourself on the Web: When All You Have Left is Your Pride tag:open-source

A Day at The Met, A Woman in Technology: Rosa Bonheur and The Horse Fair tag:open-source

links for 2009-04-09 tag:metropolitan-museum-of-art-on-art-on-painting-rosa-bonheur-personal-education tag:open-source

On the Ultimate Programmer’s Toolkit: The Internet tag:open-source

The LinkedIn Compiler Experts Group tag:on-programming-open-source-on-the-internet tag:open-source

Announcing New LinkedIn Group, SPITBOL tag:linkedin-compiler-experts-on-programming tag:open-source

Announcing a new LinkedIN Group, SETL Programming Language tag:open-source tag:spitbol-linkedin-on-programming

Announcing setl, a New Project Hosted at Google Code tag:open-source tag:setl-linkedin-on-programming

Announcing spitbol, a New Project Hosted at Google Code tag:open-source tag:setl-on-programming-google-code-on-google

On Being THE Most Authoritative Source of Authoritative Opinions in the World tag:open-source tag:spitbol-on-programming-google-code-on-google

unpacking-the-books tag:authoritative-opinion-on-google tag:open-source

On Starting a Library: Unpacking the Books – Audio tag:open-source

number-theory tag:libraries-includes-audio tag:open-source

On Mathematics: Introducing Number Theory to a Twelve Year Old – Audio tag:open-source

Number Theory for a Twelve Year Old tag:education-mathematics-number-theory-includes-audio tag:open-source

Unpacking Some Books tag:open-source

Unpacking Books tag:open-source

unpack1 tag:open-source

Unpack Books tag:open-source

Oracle To Buy Sun: Great News For Linux, Java, and Open Office. Bad News for IBM. tag:open-source

On Programming. A Program Written Because of a Tweet: tag:open-source tag:oracle-buys-sun-ibm-doesnt-buy-sun-linux-java

Is there a computer program to solve Calcu-doku puzzles in Python for Ubuntu Linux? tag:kenken-sudoku-calcu-doku-python-on-programming-source-code tag:open-source

Oracle’s Open Solaris Runs on IBM Mainframes tag:kenken-python-on-programming-source-code tag:open-source

April Showers for IBM, May Flowers for Oracle. tag:ibm-doesnt-buy-sun-open-solaris-sun-microsystems tag:open-source

links for 2009-04-21 tag:ibm-oracle-oracle-buys-sun-ibm-doesnt-buy-sun tag:open-source

On Programming: First SPITBOL LinkedIn Discussion From Galen Tackett tag:open-source

Open Source Dayenu: It Would Have Sufficed tag:linkedin-spitbol-on-programming tag:open-source

CORRECTION APTOPIX CB Trinidad Americas Summit tag:open-source tag:open-source-dayenu-judaism

CORRECTION APTOPIX CB Trinidad Americas Summit tag:open-source

Why I Stopped Following the News So Closely tag:open-source

Digital Open: tag:open-source tag:personal-barack-obama-politics

Mamma Mia! Ubuntu is Global tag:digital-open-open-collaboration-education tag:open-source

My Nine Hundredth Post tag:open-source tag:ubuntu

LinkedIN Alumni Group for Highland High School, Albuquerque, New Mexico tag:on-blogging tag:open-source

links for 2009-04-22 tag:linkedin-highland-high-school tag:open-source

If The Bard Had Been a TWIT, Here is What He Might Have Writ tag:open-source

The Bard On Programming tag:open-source tag:shakespeare-twitter-on-programming

One Hundred Dollars: A terabyte disk, one copy of Microsoft Windows, or a thousand copies of Ubuntu Linux? tag:open-source tag:shakespeare-on-programming

On Fatherhood, Rabbis, and Milton Berle tag:open-source tag:ubuntu-microsoft

IBM Program Beats Dave Shields at Jeopardy! tag:judaism-humor-personal tag:open-source

Tribute to Jacob T. “Jack” Schwartz by David Levin, Director General of the LEDAS Company tag:ibm-fun tag:open-source

Classmates Shows More Class : Highland High School, Albuquerque, New Mexico tag:jack-schwartz tag:open-source

Statement by Dave Shields as a Candidate for the Board of Directors of the Chappaqua Library tag:education tag:highland-high-school tag:open-source

links for 2009-04-28 tag:libraries tag:on-democracy tag:open-source

WordPress Quick Edit Mode Is Great tag:open-source


  1. Posted November 15, 2013 at 06:20 | Permalink | Reply

    Mark E., formerly of Salida, suggested I contact you about machine readable dictionaries – preferably free. I’m looking for pronunciation, etymology, part of speech, variations, word frequency, and [last and least] definition. These will be used by my wife and me to create educational materials for teaching phonics / remediating dyslexia.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Posted January 6, 2014 at 17:33 | Permalink | Reply


      I don’t know of any machine readable dictionaries other than those that come with Unix.


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