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Search Terms for all days ending 2009-05-27 (Summarized) for this blog

In my previous post, TWWP Puzzler for May 27, 2009: which company once marketed operating sy? I listed the search strings that led people to view posts on this blog yesterday.

WordPress also keeps a running total of all the search terms used to date. You can find my list below, and I suggest it would be both fun and informative for other WordPress bloggers to publish their lists.

leigh anne tuohy 4,921
leigh ann tuohy 1,046
twiters 782
ubuntu computer 719
kyu chay 490
lotus symphony ubuntu 462
brief history of operating system 452
kenken solver 405
juploadr ubuntu 356
norman salsitz 335
fadwa hamdan 316
which company once marketed operating sy 297
ubuntu java version 281
symphony ubuntu 267
build your own linux computer 238
ubuntu compatible motherboards 231
“leigh anne tuohy” 229
me tube 216
ubuntu mount flash drive 209
ubuntu t60 193
ooxml specification 177
best browser for ubuntu 169
ubuntu lotus symphony 166
ubuntu intel 845 163
100 dollar computer 156
xo ubuntu 154
leigh anne tuohy picture 153
intel 845 ubuntu 151
ubuntu motherboards 150
annus terribilis 149
build ubuntu computer 149
intel 845g ubuntu 145
build linux computer 141
laptop xo 136
mount flash drive ubuntu 130
ubuntu motherboard 126
david shields 126
ubuntu compatible motherboard 125
ubuntu motherboard compatibility 125
building a linux computer 121
a brief history of operating system 120
ubuntu on xo 119
ubuntu access usb drive 119
ubuntu mount usb flash 118
build a linux computer 110
ken ken solver 109
ooxml spec 109
why do we need to communicate 107
ubuntu intel 845g 105
ubuntu kvm switch

Go, Leigh Ann!

Go MIchael Oher!

Go Rabbi Mike Shields!

Go Ravens!

Go Raven! (My youngest grandchild is named Raven, though not after the football team of the same name that now has the great good fortune to have Michael Oher on their roster. )

TWWP Puzzler for May 27, 2009: which company once marketed operating sy?

From time to time, say about every five minutes, I take a look at my WordPress “stats” page to see how I’m doing.

This morning I was astounded to learn that my note A Brief History of Operating Systems had drawn 236 views yesterday, and so far today it has drawn over 40. I am writing this early in the WordPress Day, so I expect many more views will also come today.

This blog drew almost five hundred views yesterday. The totals for the previous days were 184, 143, 144 and 317. I expect most of the 317 views, the day before yesterday, were also of this post.

Thing is, I don’t know what prompted people to come across this blog. I have no new incoming links. All I do have is the list of search strings that people used to reach my blog. The strings are truncated, as can be seen by the list of the ssearch trings people used yesterday:

which company once marketed operating sy 194
which company once marketed operating sy 26
leigh anne tuohy 6
kyu chay 4
ubuntu best browser 3
company once marketed operating systems 3
calcudoku solver 3
ubuntu compatible motherboards 2
jack schwartz eugenio 2
dr. barbara cooper 2
ubuntu compatible computer 2
the best browser for ubuntu 2
configuring video in ubuntu 2
how many people attended the 2009 indy 5 2
ubuntu install specific version 2
david shields blog 2
best browser ubuntu 2
technology 1900 1950 2
norman and amalie petranker salsitz bio 2
ny botanical gardens 2009 holiday train 2
asus terminator case how to open 2
company once marketed operating systems 2
trading places the movie + discriminatio 2
computer solves ken ken 2
best browser for ubuntu 2
remove java ubuntu 2
cathy chay 2
unicomp keyboard 2
kyu chay bronx science 1
staff sgt chay 1
6100sm-m beeps 1
les miserables 823 1
who runs ibm 1
different java version ubuntu 1
opera browser for ubuntu 1
can red hat survive 1
picture of a leaf falling from a tree 1
linux anitivirus 1
report assembly language 1
access usb drive ubuntu 1
glynmoody blogg 1
how to access a usb drive +ubuntu 1
how many people attend the indy 500 in 2 1
mount flash drives ubuntu 1
programming project plan 1
best web browser for ubuntu 8.10 1
sherlock holmes and dr.watson 1
a.j. liebling freedom of the pres 1
who put hieroglyphics in computers 1
market operating system who once called 1

By the way, I find the list of strings quite informative, as it’s one way of finding out which posts worked, and which didn’t. I’m also pleased by the variety of the strings, an indication of the broad range of the blog. For example, “A. J. Liebling,” “Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes,” “SSgt. Chay,” and “Leigh Ann Tuohy.” I am especially pleased by the large number of strings containing “ubuntu,” a sign of the growing interest in Ubuntu and also confirmation that I was wise to write so many posts about it.

Today’s Puzzler is to find the reason that so many people wanted to know “which company once marketed operating sy.”

Then again, did they want to know which company once marked a man named Sy?

I don’t know.

Do you?

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