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Jikes Images: The Advantages of Naming A Software Package Using a Word That is Also Both An Exclamation and a Name

I did a search of “Google Images” on “Jikes.” There were over four thousand matches.

A search on “jIkes coupon” returns links to a number of my blog posts.

This is a demonstration of the value of using as the name of your software package a word that is both a name and an exclamation.

What is your favorite image? Reply by comment.

  1. Jikes Coupon
  2. StatCVS offers a view into CVS repository activity
  3. 30 full weeks – Jikes!
  4. Precompiler Settings Pane
  5. Tomato — Getting Started
  6. edu.netbeans.org/quicktour/jdks.html6
  7. Creación y Despliegue de un EJB básico en Orión
  8. Juliet Jikes
  9. Model: HB-ATV110L
  10. Ismert filmek poszterei grindhouse módra
  11. Jikes Chris
  12. Installons Jikes avec Cydia Installer
  13. the confession of a late night programmer:
  14. LIFERAY: Enterprise Open Source for Life
  15. Jikes: Java e iPhone de mãos dadas
  16. Canines work the catwalk
  17. Jikes Helmet
  18. Friendster
  19. I fell asleep about 4 am jikes
  20. Position Paper by Chris Weaver, University of Wisconsin—Madison
  21. I actually ate Buffalo Jerky.. jikes!
  22. Like Jikes, I believe the best movies are about rival magicians.
  23. Jikes
  24. The Wayward Word Press Jikes Archive
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