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On Ubuntu: Some Examples of the Use of The Web to Answer Questions About Ubuntu and Linux

Here is a list of some of the search phrases that have brought views of this blog today. Each list entry gives the search string and the number of views:

  1. building a computer to run ubuntu 6
  2. build your own linux computer 4
  3. best browser for ubuntu 3
  4. remove all java from ubuntu 2
  5. best browsers for ubuntu 2
  6. best ubuntu browser 2
  7. leigh anne tuohy 2
  8. geforce 6100sm manual 2
  9. ubuntu kodak camera
  10. uniicomp keyboard 1
  11. juploadr ubuntu 1
  12. ubuntu compatible motherboards
  13. intel 845gl ubuntu driver 1
  14. intel 845g ubuntu
  15. how do i build my own ubuntu computer 1
  16. juploadr ubuntu 1
  17. My favorite is, of course, #4.

Note that most of the searches were to learn about Ubuntu, or as part of a search to answer a question about Ubuntu. For example, the Intel 845 chip and a GEFORCE motherboard are among the components I have used in the two desktop computers I have built to run Ubuntu Linux. Each cost no more than $250.

Needless to say, there was no charge for the software that I installed on them — not one penny. WIndows XP runs about $100 a copy these days, which would have increased the cost of either machine by forty per cent.

The above list is just for today. Here are the results for all searches to date that resulted in more than one hundred views:

  1. leigh anne tuohy 4,859
  2. leigh ann tuohy 1,040
  3. twiters 773
  4. ubuntu computer 692
  5. lotus symphony ubuntu 459
  6. kyu chay 453
  7. brief history of operating system 451
  8. juploadr ubuntu 345
  9. kenken solver 326
  10. norman salsitz 323
  11. fadwa hamdan 311
  12. ubuntu java version 273
  13. symphony ubuntu 262
  14. build your own linux computer 229
  15. “leigh anne tuohy” 228
  16. ubuntu compatible motherboards 218
  17. me tube 216
  18. ubuntu mount flash drive 204
  19. ubuntu t60 183
  20. ooxml specification 169
  21. ubuntu lotus symphony 164
  22. ubuntu intel 845 161
  23. 100 dollar computer 155
  24. xo ubuntu 154
  25. leigh anne tuohy picture 153
  26. build ubuntu computer 147
  27. ubuntu motherboards 146
  28. annus terribilis 146
  29. intel 845 ubuntu 144
  30. build linux computer 141
  31. intel 845g ubuntu 138
  32. laptop xo 132
  33. mount flash drive ubuntu 126
  34. david shields 123
  35. ubuntu motherboard 123
  36. ubuntu compatible motherboard 121
  37. a brief history of operating system 119
  38. ubuntu on xo 119
  39. ubuntu motherboard compatibility 118
  40. building a linux computer 118
  41. ubuntu access usb drive 117
  42. ubuntu mount usb flash 116
  43. why do we need to communicate 107
  44. build a linux computer 105
  45. best browser for ubuntu 104
  46. ooxml spec 103
  47. ubuntu kvm switch 102
  48. leigh anne touhy 101
  49. history of operating systems 101

These lists are yet another demonstration that the most important words in a blog post are the ones in the title. Those words determine if people will be drawn to the post, and hopefully then read it.

The one that means the most to me is, of course, #6, “kyu hyuk chay,” though this is moderated by my knowledge that, while I have written several posts about him, only a handful of posts by others make mention of his name.

Note again the predominance of “ubuntu,” This is by design, for I attach high priority to promoting Ubuntu. Every title that contains “ubuntu” also contains “linux,” and vice versa.

#3 is evidence that, while twitter may claim ownership of “twitter,” I’ve got “twiter” in my pocket.

#1 and #2 are about Leigh Ann Tuohy, one of my favorite people in the world. Ms. Tuohy made the most perceptive remark about money I have heard in the last decade:

God gives people money to see how you’re going to handle it.

Her observation is the source of this blog’s motto:

WordPress gave me a blog to see how I was going to handle it

Ms. Tuohy is the adoptive mother of Michael Oher, my favorite football player. He is the reason I am now a die-hard fan of the Baltimore Ravens.

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