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I’m now an authority on operating systems

Since I resumed blogging after a three-year absence, I’ve noted with some surprise that my most read post each and every day has been A Brief History of Operating Systems, written several years ago.

A quick vist to Google and a search on “history of operating systems” showed I am #3, almost *the* go-to guy in the world when it comes to the history of operating systems.

WordPress’s statistics suggest that most viewers of this post come from the Far East, notably India and the Phillipines. I expect I’ve been cited in many papers from students on the far side of the world who are taking a course on operating systems. I’m not quite sure what to make of this, though I do think that my use of the word “brief” in the title suggested an easy way out to students who use Google as their primary reference source.

This is yet another example of my being one of the Google’s most cited sources on “authoritative opinions,” as described in my 2007 post An Authoritative Opinion on Libraries and Authoritative Opinions.

The point made then is still true today: One can indeed game Google, sometimes in very surprising ways.

It doesn’t mean a damn, but is sure as hell is lots of fun, at least to me.

I wonder if I can finagle a world tour with a lecture series on operating systems based on a request to provide some guidance to IBM sales folks that I spent a couple of days putting together.

Maybe I should write about bringing Peace to the Mideast, or — even better — offer my services to interested parties on my authoritative opinion on who is best qualified to be our next President…

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