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An authoritative opinion that Lorgaine v. Merkel is not an opinion as authoritative as some would have it

Though I’ve been told I am a purveyor of great authority.

Some are born Twitters, some achieve Twitness, and some have Twitness thrust upon them

My first post on my neologism TWIT — The Wayward Internet Technologists — took as its title one of the Bard’s most quoted phrases:

Some are born TWIT’s, some achieve TWITness, and some have TWITness thrust upon ‘em

It remains an open question whether my creation of this neologism explains how twitter.com got its name, but that is work for another day.

I recently wrote a post on what I deemed the best twit I had yet seen, and wrote a terse reply, in the form of a URL. I obtained the URL via bit.ly, so the URL was the message, “bit.ly/great-twit/”

Sad to say, one cannot use “!” as part of a URL. If “!” could be used in a URL, then just one character would have sufficed:


I would have thus tweeted the shortest possible tweet that could have any meaning. See On Steve O’Grady’s post: “Where to Innovate? Let Others Make the Call”.

I understand that Twitter has become quite the rage lately. See for example the recent twitting of @latone.

I wish to encourage everyone to become an active twitter. In particular, I encourage everyone to try to tweet more than @jgovernor, who has turned twitteritis into a near fatal malady.

Rest assured that I will not compete in this area, for I am waiting for the blogosphere to empty as bloggers flee to tweet. Then I will have it all to myself.

In order to encourage more twitting, and not just the volume of twitting, but the art of it. I will periodically offer TWIT “Victor Hugo” awards in the following areas:

  • Best tweet;
  • Worst tweet;
  • Funniest tweet;
  • Shortest tweet;
  • Best tweet of 140 characters;

On writing this I realize that I have been working in the last area recently. As I see the count of remaining characters near zero, I rewrite the tweet to use all 140 available characters, giving myself a gold star if I can do this without having to use backspace or delete once fewer than twenty characters remain.

We all know that tweeting is fun. Now it can be rewarding

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