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O’Reilly Women In Technology Series

Back in October, I came across

Tim O’Reilly’s s Women In Technology Series, and

its archive

This seems to be a short-lived series with the intent of producing a book, but I am publishing here to bring it to the attention of others interesting in recognizing the important role of women in technology, and the need to encourage more young women to pursue careers in technology.

Message from The Tuxers: Think, Dave! Don’t Use Windows!

[First posted on November 8, 2007, as part of the now dormant “Luddites” project.]

I saw two of The Tuxers watching and waiting as I booted up my laptop.

I soon learned why. They had recently hacked my /boot/grub/menu.lst file:

The Tuxers hack /boot/grub/menu.lst
Think Dave! Think!

These are twin Tuxers. I find it hard to tell them apart, so I call them “Ubuntu” and “Debian,” as they are so closely linked.

In fact, it took several attempts to get this photo right. By default the flash is on for my Kodak C300 camera. I wanted to turn off the flash but didn’t know how, so I went inside to look for a manual. Unable to locate it, I then used Google to locate the appropriate manual page. It took less than a minute:

Controlling flash on Kodak C300

I noted the Tuxer’s message, but am begging off for a bit while I try to find useful instructions on getting Notes to run under Ubuntu 7.10.

Sorry about that, Tuxers — and Lotus — but I will continue my project of becoming a full-time Ubuntu user as time permits.

Too Many Projects Considered Harmful

I do almost all my blogging on this blog.

I have also started some other projects. Each has at least one blog of its own, and some have several.

I started some of the other projects hoping that others would be interested in participating in them, growing a single-author blog into a multi-author blog, but I have had no success to date in finding another contributor to any of them.

For this and other reasons I am going to delete, or at least temporarily make inactive, a number of these other efforts, leaving only this blog and those related to the Fallen Soldiers projects in place.

Towards that end I will be reposting some of the first posts that were first published at these other sites.


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