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A Woman in Technology: Pamela “PJ” Jones of Groklaw.net

I have just posted Woman in Technology: Pamela “PJ” Jones of Groklaw.net in the Women In Technology Project.

I expect there will be many more such posts, and I hope most of them will be written by women who are themselves women in technology.

Fading Fall

I’ve lived in or near New York City for over four decades.

These past few weeks have brought the most glorious Indian Summer I have yet seen — day after day of unusually warm weather for the last six weeks or so, weather that I have enjoyed while working on my back porch.

But I can sense those days will soon end, as I found it necessary this morning to wear a coat and hat, and also needed a small space heater to warm my hands, so I could work outside, where there is a slight breeze and the temperature is currently just fifty-five degrees:

Chappaqua-20071021 085

Things are always better out in the open, whether it be outside the house, or outside the firewall, or in a school, or at a conference, or working with the open-source and open-technology communities.

Here’s a photo showing today’s traffic so far:

Chappaqua-20071021 087
WordPress TWWP Blog Stats, Friday, 1PM EDT, 27 October 2007, the day the invitation to PJ was sent.

Designerwear For Software

One of the funniest photos I have seen in recent years appeared on the front page of the New York Times on Saturday, October 20, 2007, in the article by Martin Flackler, Fearing Crime, Japanese Wear the Hiding Place.

Here is a picture of it:

Can you see the slippers?

Diversion: How I insert a photo image into a WordPress blog post:

Before discussing the article, let’s take a brief diversion to see how one inserts a photo into a WordPress blog post.

If you put your mouse over the image and open up a new window you will see it at Flickr’s site. You can then view it in various sizes. If you view “Original” then you should be able to see the post in draft form.

Near the bottom I have just inserted the skeleton of a web link in HTML:

<a href=""></a>

I then took the picture, uploaded it from my camera to my laptop, and then uploaded it from my laptop to Flickr.

I then took this picture:

Chappaqua-20071021 081
After inserting URL from Flickr.

While you are writing a post you can use the “Preview” feature to see how it will appear when posted, and here is a picture of that:

Chappaqua-20071021 082
Preview of post

Now if you look closely you will see the following text just above the image:


In this case, I planned to write a post that would use the article as a starting point to compose a series of articles and headlines suggested by it, as I did in the post Hacking Craig’s List And The New York Times.

But as I read the article while preparing this post I realized it is not about fashion, or the silliness of some parts of Japan, for it is all about innovation and the need to take risk that is required to do high-impact innovation.

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