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Do Fallen Soldiers Twitter?

I’ve just started another site as part of the Fallen Soldiers Project.

I’ve also been writing often about Twitter in recent days.

This suggests an interesting question?

Do Fallen Soldiers Twitter?

You can bet your ass they don’t.

They are dead.

You aren’t.

They died so you could have the freedom to Twitter or not to Twitter.

Think about that the next time you Twitter.

I hope from time to time some of you Twitter about our Fallen Soldiers.

If not, at least try to get to know of them so you can think of what they might have Twittered about.

Their kids? Last Sunday’s soccer game?

They might even have Twittered about you …

Lt. Michael P. Murphy, a Fallen Soldier

I have just created a new web site as part of the Fallen Soldiers and Chay projects.

The site is Michael P Murphy, A Fallen Soldier.

Lt. Michael P. Murphy was killed in action in Afghanistan in June, 2005.

He was a Navy SEAL and was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

I first learned of Lt. Murphy in the New York Times.

I decided to begin a site in his honor for several reasons:

He was raised in the New York area, as was SSgt. Kyu Hyuk Chay.

He was accepted into law-school in 1998 but decided to join the military and train to become a military commando.

SSgt. Chay could have attended officer’s school, but decided that he had to serve as an enlisted man before he could become an officer, as he wanted to understand what it meant to be an enlisted man before he learned how to lead them. This is an extraordinary testament to his integrity.

Lt. Murphy is of course notable in that he was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. [1]

I also started Lt. Murphy’s site to attempt to measure the effect of his Medal of Honor.

No Fallen Soldier is better than any other. The Fallen Soldiers don’t care since they are dead. That any of we the living care — trying to weigh one against the other — speaks only of our lack of character, not of theirs.

However, I expect Lt. Murphy’s medal will draw as much media scrutiny as one can expect, even though it comes over two years after his death. As such, it will provide a measure of just how much attention our society pays to our Fallen Soldiers and their Survivors.

While most would say the Medal of Honor is priceless, my guess is that the measure of Lt. Murphy will be closer than we expect to that of SSgt. Chay. To paraphrase President Abraham Lincoln, “The world will little note or long remember what they did there …”

I hope I’m wrong.

We shall see.


1. Though I take great comfort in this project, I take no comfort in that I just had to check the dictionary for the spelling of “posthumously.”

I take even less comfort in that I know without checking the dictionary how to spell such words as “hate,” “bigotry,” “homophobia,””antisemitism” and “prejudice,” to say nothing of their gutter variants such as “n*g*e*”, “t*w*e*h*a*,” “s*i*”, “k*k*,” and so forth.

That’s because we all see daily evidence of the people who actively demonstrate their mastery of these terms.

A Tip From Scooby-Do Via Twitter: Upcoming.org

Mike Cote of Redmonk mentioned last night on Twitter that he would be in the Westchester area this week to attend an IBM SMB (Small and Medium Business) Analyst meeting. I noted a few minutes ago on Twitter that Scooby-do, the wacky, wise and wonderful Scobleizer himself, said: [1]

Scobleizer: Upcoming.org is teaching me that it’s not branding or buzz that’ll get people to do things: it’s our friends and social networks.

When I went to upcoming.org I learned the time and location of the meeting. I also noticed that Mike Cote had made the entry for it in upcoming.org, thus doing IBM a favor. See Upcoming – Westchester.

I then sent the following note to Cote:


Just learned via Scooby-Do’s mention of upcoming.org that you are at IBM’s SMB Analyst meet today in White Plains, near where 287 and the Hutch intersect. I also noticed you created the upcoming.org announce of this meet.

I’m giving a presentation on open-source to a group of CIO’s from Austria later this afternoon, and wonder if you are availalbe for dinner a drink this evening, or sometime tomorrow. You’re welcome to come to our house for dinner; it’s less that a 30-minute drive from the SMB location.

Also, if time permits, you’re welcome to join my presentation. It starts about 3:45 at the IBM site in Hawthorne, about twenty minutes from your location.

Even if we don’t get together, enjoy the splendid Fall here in Westchester. We’ve had over a month of wonderful weather. There’s been little rain, so Fall is running about two weeks late, and is just reaching its peak in these parts.

I then forwarded that note to Mike Dolan, a fellow IBMer and Twitter, with a short preface:


FYI per below, if you aren’t already at the SMB meet in WP then you might want to go just to say hi to Mike. He’s a great guy.


By the way, Redmonk’s Steve O’Grady is a big fan of the Boston Red Sox. IBM’s Mike Dolan is a fan of the Cleveland Indians, something I learned via Twitter.

We all know who is happy and who is glum this Monday morning.


1. Temple Beth-El in Chappaqua has for several years held an annual conference called WWW, for Wise, Wonderful Women, in which women professionals discuss their careers and the challenges they have faced being a woman in business. Guests have included Hillary Clinton and Vanessa Williams, both Chappaqua residents; a senior exec from a major auction house; one of the country’s best “hand models” (she wore gloves); U.S. Congresswoman Nita Lowey; and a research scientist in biochemistry.

Senator Hillary Clintonmoved to Chappaqua in 1999. Vanessa Williams grew up in the town and is a graduate of Horace Greeley High School; her father was a well-known music educator in Westchester, and played a key role for many years in arranging various all-country concerts. I recall seeing him at several of the ones where my children played.

Both Senator Clinton and President Clinton attended the Memorial Day Ceremony that honored SSgt. Kyu Hyuk Chay, , a local resident who was killed in action in Afghanistan in October, 2006.

It is a wonderful event. It is usually held in March.

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