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Search Views for TWWP, October 9-15, 2007

WordPress provides, via a link to “Search Strings” on its Dashboard, a list of the search strings that were used to reach my blog in the last seven days.

From time to time I will attempt to publish this list, so that you — and I — can see how people reach my blog.

I don’t know if this information is of any value. I only know that by default only I see it, so the only way to find out if it has any value to you is to give you access to it.

The list for today is incomplete, but I publish it now as I just thought that sharing this information with my readers might be useful.

What I do think worth noting is how many of the search strings are related to “Ubuntu” or to hardware questions.

Search Terms for 7 days ending 2007-10-15

Monday, October 15

Search Views

Open Source Meme Map 10
leigh anne tuohy 5
lotus symphony ubuntu 5
geforce6100sm-m kubuntu 3
Leigh Anne Tuohy 3
ASUS Terminator T1-C3 2
can u.s. female soldiers wear hijab? 2
Ubuntu compatible motherboards 2
live documents 2
norman salsitz 2
800-opensource.jpg 2
intel 845 1
ubuntu compatible desktop 1
mount write command line ubuntu 1
ubuntu asus compatibility 1
Lotus Symphony Ubuntu 1
computer case with built in monitor 1
sakai china 1
specific version of the JRE 1
winston churchill ancestors 1
why we need to communicate 1
please wait while windows configures acr 1
who was happy birthday written by 1
ubuntu +motherboard +intel 1
effect of tarballs on air 1
subversion installing and configuring li 1
intel video feisty 1
q-fan ubuntu 1
play steet ball games 1
kubuntu new computer 1
“pdf/a” linux create openoffice 1
reading office 2007 docs in ubuntu 1
laptop with a mission 1
stormy peters 1
lotus symphony to use firefox 1
building a linux cheap system linux desk 1
mount usb drive command line ubuntu 1
wordpress themes mythical 1
lessons using eats shoots and leaves 1
intel video linux ubuntu 1
Linotype operators in New Mexico 1
word error pdf keeps trying to install 1
asus terminator t1 review 1
via cote 1
press man 1
mount kodak camera ubuntu 1
How to install linux on ecs geforce6100s 1
uses of linux ubuntu 1
What three things are needed for a pumpk 1

Sunday, October 14

leigh anne tuohy 6
d 845 video Driver 3
david shields 3
Fadwa Hamdan 3
ubuntu lotus symphony 2
6100sm-m SATA SUSE 2
Is being a celebrity a “cult” 2
lotus symphony write 2
install symphony ubuntu 2
how to see flash drive in ubuntu 2
Leigh Anne Tuohy 2
cheap socket AM2 linux 2
dave shields 2
ubuntu, how to, starting x 2
sourcecode in wordpress 2
freedom of the press those who own it 2
Terminator T1-C3 support 2

Saturday, October 13

ubuntu install on new computer 5
johny depp pirate 4
6100sm ecs linux 3
happy birthday shops called marks 3
good value deal motherboard am2 3
Let us raise a standard to which the wis 2
integrated intel video ubuntu 2
kyu chay 2
leigh anne tuohy 2
1963 yamaha yds2 2
1963 yamaha yds2 history 2
build computer cheap linux 2
david shields 2
bookmark backup 2

Friday, October 12

K-12 CT schools and open source 17
how do i open a bash game on linux 6
build your own linux workstation 4
Altadena chipset intel 4
ASUS Terminator T1-C3 4
ubuntu nytimes 3
buying a ubuntu computer 3
Open Minds Conference 3
install symphony 3
ASUS Terminator T1-C3 watts 3
ubuntu mount flash drive 3
lotus symphony ubuntu 3
Asus T1 C3 2
Ubuntu 845G Video 2
fall days 2
leigh anne tuohy 2
vermeer paintings list US exhibits 2
letter to CEO american airlines 2
linux geforce 6100 2
Kyu Cha memorial fund 2
ECS GeForce6100SM-M ubuntu 2
linux driver ECS GeForce 6100sm-m 2
Lotus Symphony for Ubuntu 2
Adam Marshall Bodington 2

Thursday, October 11

leigh anne tuohy 6
cathy min 3
buy linux motherboard 3
ubuntu computer 3
build computer linux 3
lotus symphony ubuntu 3
linux 6100sm-m 2
opening docx.zip files on windows 2
leigh ann tuohy 2
intel 845g video & ubuntu 2
TLA ibm 2
building a computer for linux 2007 2
inbound license 2
xorg-video-intel mepis 2
Dlink switch for Linux 2
opensuse leadtek winfast tv2000 expert 1
Philling 1
“change sidebar width” wordpress 1
ubuntu remove java 1
longest sentence is Les Misérables 1
category 3 websites mymt2k 1
Good things to say in a letter about a b 1
flash drive ubuntu 1
how to mount a usb flash ubuntu 1
pearson conference october 9 1
mount a usb drive linux ubuntu 1
buy motherboard plastic components cpu N 1
binary search formula 1
ht2000 rev 1.0 motherboard power switch 1
usb kvm linux 1
IBM culture lingo 1
Intel 845GL Ubuntu driver 1
Ubuntu mount flash drive 1
laptop for every child David Pogue 1
tex to odf 1
mount flash drive ubuntu 1
frindle words 1
Course Genie UHI uk 1
winfast tv2000 ubuntu 1
Fadwa Hamdan 1
ubuntu d-link USB 1
intel 845 & ubuntu 7.04 1
dave shields 1
lotus symphony for linux ubuntu 1
“viraj chatterjee” 1
ubuntu java versions 1
how to create a home network with two ub 1
System Recycling with Xubuntu 1
making your own linux 1
intel 845g ubuntu 7.04 1

Wednesday, October 10

Search Views
http://mymt2k.com/tmp9/cat. 8
what is an in bound license 4
minimum hardware to run ubuntu buy used 4
best computer to buy when building compu 3
6100SM-M ECS linux drivers 3
ASUS Terminator T1 3
leigh ann tuohy 2
how to build a computer for ubuntu 2
symphony ubuntu 2
fix resolution in ubuntu 7.04 2
ubuntu mount usb flash drive 2
feisty fawn intel apt-get video 2
IBM Lotus symphony doesn’t start ubuntu 2
ubuntu + symphony 2
ubuntu barebone 2
leaves you to face the fall alone 2
install winfast tuner on ubuntu 2
Ubuntu remove gij 2
animated cartoon canadian mountie 2
ecs 6100 linux 2
ubuntu java version 2
how to install lotus symphony in linux 1
install intel drivers ubuntu 7.04 1
1336 acrobat 7.0.9 1
prayers and lighting lamps 1
how to build ubuntu pc 1
ubuntu remove gcj 1
necc conference & indianapolis 1
happy birthday in binary 1
mount usb drive + Ubuntu 7.04 1
leaves on lawn 1
uninstall lotus symphony ubuntu 1
installing lotus symphony 1
open source blog word press 1
d-link kvm problems 1
model ct5803 newegg 1
install feisty intel video driver 1
cyberciti.biz air base photos 1
ubuntu, motherboard 1
mount flash drive + Ubuntu 7.04 1
geforce 6100sm-m 1
2 conspirators get Benedict Arnold to sw 1
why ubuntu 1
kdetv AND leadtek tuner 1
thomas friedman wiki 1
tom friedman cab drivers 1
scandals about the new york times over t 1
ibm + silicon + valley + SVL + trivia 1
what is protocol? why we need it? 1

Tuesday, October 9

boot asus c3 usb 5
necc conference & indianapolis 4
Paul Courant 3
building linux computer 3
ubuntu gx260 2
please wait while Windows configures Ado 2
will alfred steele do time 2
days in fall 2
fadwa hamdan 2
leigh ann tuohy 2
linux kvm switch display resolution 2
ubuntu intel chipset 2
Toy Museums in New York 2
three letter acronyms 2
IBM Jargon 2
“what is inbound licensing” 2
lotus symphony on ubuntu 2
leadtek winfast 2000 xp sound ubuntu 1
mobil one economy run 1
motherboard windows tax 1
Ecs geforce 6100sm 1
picture books – art 1
american airlines 1
mount usb drive ubuntu command line 1
If I come to a fork in the road I pick i 1
Symphony IBM memory use 1
quote about loving joe torre 1
play ball break 1
program that views docx format 1
brother, can you spare me a dime 1
Why do we need to communicate 1
example letter of subscription 1
memory usage symphony 1
kubuntu install 845gl 1
how to install lotus symphony on ubuntu 1
I am more than 4 months past due on my c 1
install lotus symphony ubuntu 1
craig s list>nyc 1
how can i access my usb flash on kubuntu 1
” Freedom of the press is guaranteed onl 1
k`1 open minds conference 1
IBM acronym 1
asus terminator t1 consumption 1
larry magid linux 1
ubun heros 1
hello my freunde 1
twit two oh 1
francis charig 2007 news OR press 1
juploadr install 1
let us raise a standard pic g washington 1

If Noble Scoble and Blogger Dave Use Twitter, Shouldn’t You?

I just noted, with appreciation, that Robert Scoble, who goes by the handle Scobleizer, though I prefer the handle Scooby-do, just posted a comment in response to my recent post Dr Watson: “Noble Scoble” To Win Nobel Prize.

As noted in the post, I am but one of the 6,000+ people who eagerly await Scooby-do’s latest twittering, and I brought this post to his attention by twittering back.

All kidding, or “kidley,” aside, I reply by verse to the Noble Scoble, taking as my guide, Mairzy Doats

Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey
A kiddley divey too, wouldn’t you?
Yes! Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey
A kiddley divey too, wouldn’t you?

Here’s to you, Scooby-do:

Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle Davey blogs-ey
He’ll kiddley Scooby-do, wouldn’t you?
Yes! Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle Bobsy comments-ey
He’ll kiddley Davey too, wouldn’t you?

Topics Page

I have started a new static page, Topics named, “Topics.”

This means you will find its name and a link to it at the top of the main page.

Many of my posts are related in that they explore a common theme, or topic. Each such post in these “occasional series” of posts begins with the same phrase.

The “Topics” page lists these related posts by topic, in the order written, with the earliest first.

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