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On social networking: The Wayward Women Internet Technologists

Back in September I founded an informal group, wayward-word-press-announce: The Wayward Internet Technologists, the TWITs.

TWIT stood for The Wayward Internet Technologists.

I’ve been thinking about the role of women lately, and wish to announce here another interpretation: The Women Internet Technologists.

All you existing males such as myself who consider themselves TWIT’s need not worry. Membership to the TWIT’s is open to all.

But I do think we need to pay special attention to Women Internet Technologists, or WIT’s.

That’s because of the notion of “social network.”

The notion of “social network” has already entered the common wisdom; see for example the wikipedia article, Social network.

That cited article calls out what it terms “internet social network.” That’s really what I’m talking about here: the emerging and rapidly evolving world of blogs, wikis, technorati, del.icio.us, MyFace, digg, and so forth.

This is a very important area, one we will be trying to sort out for some time to come.

Guys, let’s face it. There are those of us who can code with best of them, debate open-source license issues into the night, and know that Ajax can be a Greek hero, a cleaner, or a web technology. But we, as do all guys, share a common limitation.

We programmers know that the best programmers can be more productive than ten, or a hundred, or in some cases, hundreds of average programmers.

But we also need to acknowledge that the average woman is at least ten times more skilled in social networking than are we.

Here is the harsh reality. Our social network reach covers only the Sports Section, and extends no more than thirty or so yards from statements like:

So I think the most fruitful source for insight into internet social networking will be found on the distaff side, and why I’ll be on the prowl for such insights going forward.

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