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What if? What Not?

This is the first of an occasional series of posts that will address some of the issues about the Sun/FSF announcement of the release of some of Sun’s Java code under the GPL license that I first discussed in my post Announcing Open-source Java: What if?.

I wish to emphasize once again that any opinions and views expressed by me in this blog are solely my own, and do not reflect the opinions, beliefs, views or strategy of my employee.

I am offering them only to use the Sun/FSF announcement as an example so I can explore certain aspects of open-source as I understand it as applied to this context.

The Sun/FSF decision has been made. It was Sun’s call. Software is a form of writing, as is poetry, drama, or a novel, and as such is protected by copyright. Only the copyright owner has the right to license the work.

WhatIf is by far the most-read of my 100+ blog posts to date, accounting for about ten percent of my 4500 total views.

Here are the daily view totals for the last few weeks:

_____  mon tue wed thu fri sat sun
10/16  ___ ___ 094 070 279 062 058
10/23  246 088 051 045 038 012 070
10/30  051 036 069 054 106 082 054
11/06  091 094 107 066 152 066 105
11/13  451 183 122

Most of the referals were via lwn.net. I got a smaller number via links in the blogs of Steve O’Grady and Cote' from redmonk. I thank them for their support.

I also appreciate the folks at WordPress who have had me as their Featured Open-Source Blog for the last few weeks.

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