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TWWP Jeopardy puzzler: sequoia?

Jeopardy, the game that can be seen played everyday on a popular TV show, reverses the format of Q&A (Question and Answer) to A&Q (Answer and Question). I give you the answer. You give me the question.


Readers who read my previous post before they read this one will most likely answer, “What is name of a venture capital firm.”

Open-source experts may know it as the name of an open-source project.

But lovers of word puzzles, which I am sure includes a number of fellow WordPress bloggers, now know it’s the answer to the following question:

Question: “What is the shortest English word that uses all five vowels: a, e, i, o, u?

Answer: sEqUOIA

I came up with this on my own once when I realized that a word of only 7 letters had 5 vowels. I later heard the same word as part of a puzzler posed by the Car Talk Guys. Their puzzler involved “name of tree” and “name of car.”

Web Success On the Cheap

No, this is not an offer for you to buy my inexpensive guide to wealth and wisdom using WordPress …

Today’s New York Times Business section has a front page article titled, “For Start-Ups, Web Success On the Cheap.” It begins:

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 8 — When Seth J. Sternberg and two colleagues started Meebo, a Web-based instant-messaging service, they didn’t go looking for venture capitalists. Using their credit cards, they financed the company themselves to the tune of $2,000 apiece. It was enough to cover their biggest expense — leasing a few computer servers at $120 a month each.

Within a month of its introduction in September 2005, Meebo was getting as many as 50,000 log-ins a day, and it needed more servers. It decided to take a modest $100,000 from three angel investors, wealthy individuals who typically contribute small amounts but do not get involved in management decisions.

The article later says:

Several forces are allowing companies to operate cheaply compared with the first Internet boom. They include the declining costs of hardware and bandwidth, the wide availability of open-source software, and the ability to generate revenue through online ads.

Meebo is a web-messaging program that is supported by WordPress, and available to any WordPress blogger. I haven’t used it, but I have seen its name as one of the optional sidebar features.

This is just another sign that open-source is becoming a common signpost on the road to success.

The story also says that Meebo received about $3.5M in funding from Sequoia, a venture capital firm.

Sequoia is an interesting word. We’ll discuss it briefly in the next post.

An unholy alliance of Christian, Jew, Muslim

While on the road earlier this evening just before 6PM I heard a report on NPR about some demonstrations in Jerusalem that were being organized by an alliance of Jewish and Muslim religious leaders. Indeed, they felt the cause so important that some riots in which people were injured had broken out in an ultra-orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Since this was such surprising news I wondered what cause could have united two groups so opposed to each other.

Alas, it turns out that while the religious leaders who are organizing the demonstrations must believe they are on a holy mission, I think it is an unholy alliance — they are having a bash bashing homosexuals.

Two other articles are consistent with this report:

Anti-gay riot sparks Israeli high alert

Israel Gay Pride Parade Canceled (The Associated Press). Turns out some Christians have joined in the bashing too.

This all suggests a terrible calculus I don’t even want to try to figure out: If Jew and Muslim can overcome their hatred of each other to jointly hate homosexuals — even to the point of inciting violence — then will Jew and homosexual unite against Muslim, or yet another hating pair.

All I can safely say is that religious leaders who unite in a cause such as this are neither leaders or religious, just haters.

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